7 Weird Mosalsalat Theories That We Actually Hope Are Real

It’s this time of year again and everyone’s coming up with their totally-possible theories for their Ramadan TV show of choice. Usually, this means a lot (and boy, do we mean a lot) of Youssef El-Sherif-related theories but this year, the theories didn’t stop there.

On the contrary, almost every show is getting viewer theories and, yes, this might be a quarantine side-effect. We’re not at all bothered about it, though.

See, these theories proved to be kind of intriguing and trust us, you will want to read them.

Mohamed Ramadan was trying to send us an odd message about Wegz (Pre-episode 26)

In the 24th episode of El-Brens, one of the people working at the bus stop where Radwan’s daughter went missing is seen calling to rat out his boss for having said missing daughter.

Remember him? Okay, so here’s the theory. This man is a stand-in for Wegz, the Egyptian trap artist, who Mohamed Ramadan has beef with. According to theorists, this scene is calling out Wegz for dissing Ramadan and is a clear warning for the rapper to back off.

Eyad Nassar is a time-travelling robot…in El-Nehaya AND Layaleena 80

Right now the hottest topic for anyone watching El-Nehaya is Eyad Nassar and his character’s role because, well, everyone can kinda see he’s going to be evil. But, it doesn’t just stop at that. Get ready.

The fan theory here begins with Layaleena 80, Eyad Nassar’s daughter gets into a car accident and goes blind and there’s almost no hope that she’ll see again. But what if the only chance is an organ donation from someone with the same genes aka her father?

So, Eyad Nassar discovers a time-travelling clan (yes, exactly like Dark) and tries to time-travel to prevent his daughter’s accident but fails and gets stuck in the 50’s and begins his time-travelling overlord journey from there. And, yes, he meant to make Messi lose that Copa America final.

Fadwa is going to kill Fathy

Okay, so given the characters, this isn’t the weirdest theory out there but it’s still a theory nonetheless. For all her un-loyalty to Fathy so far, Fadwa hasn’t demonstrated any true repulsion for the man, right?

Well, as this theory suggests, that’s all about to change. After a 5 year affair, Fadwa will discover she’s pregnant and she’ll begin to get paranoid because she thought she was infertile. Then, she’ll discover Fathy’s lie about the test results and she’ll, well, kill him in his sleep.

Ramez Galal is part of the evil ring in El-Nehaya

Depending on how evil you think Ramez Galal really is, this next fan theory may or may not surprise you. But, here goes nothing. So, Ramez has this intro that he always says when beginning his show. While watching, one fan caught the prank-host say “we’ll stay loyal to the pact”.

as far as we know, he’s not satanic…yet

And, of course, we all know who’s also loyal to the pact. The weird robe-wearing organization from El-Nehaya. So, obviously, one fan connected the two dots by suggesting that Ramez is one of the Waha’s founders and is using his prank show as a front to collect celebrities’ consciousness.

Omar will end up conning the con-artist gang

Remember that scene in 100 Wesh when Omar finally confessed his love for Sokar? Yes, it was romantic and cute and everything…and the fans started dissecting it as soon as it happened. See, no one really trusts Omar.

As one fan theorist puts it: Omar is conning Sokar. Something that was clearly obvious when he proposed to her at the Gezira Club restaurant, fully aware Sokar’s mother was going to cause a scene and that his old friends would witness it.

This, of course, would make Bassem Amir interested in stealing Sokar away from Omar because, well, he hates the guy. Naturally, this would be the perfect setup for a con job that Omar will orchestrate…right before disappearing with the entire gang’s money, without any persecution because he left them in the line of fire.

Ahed will not get a big revenge moment

A lot of viewers have been waiting for Ahed’s big, dramatic revenge against her malicious family since the ill-fated episode fifteen, in which her son died, right?

Well, here’s a theory. There won’t be one. Yousra’s Ahed won’t go onto monologue her motives or confront her siblings, but she won’t forgive them either. She will simply keep blackmailing them until Marwan runs off and Farah becomes so drug-dependent, she’ll basically have no will of her own and will live her entire life under her thumb.

Adel will eventually re-discover iCloud and will solve the case

For someone who’s such a genius when it comes to social media and tech, Adel is kind of forgetfully stupid about the recording that could save his brother’s life, isn’t he?

Well, don’t worry, it can’t last too long. After he finally goes to rehab, Adel will come back to his senses and he’ll remember that he has an iCloud and could easily get a copy of the phone recording. Meaning he can send it to the police and send whoever is left of his family to jail.

Any other theories you want to share with us?