We all need a mental downtime to give our brains a rest, and when we do, it starts processing all of the information we have been shoving into it. That’s when we find the answers we’ve been looking for, we come up with new ideas, we start to see situations from other people’s perspective, etc. The only problem is that those brilliants moments tend to happen in…extremely weird places.

Below are 7 weird places that bring out the deep side of you:

1. The Shower

For some odd reasons, showers are the best. Remember that young Greek mathematician, Archimedes, who leaped out of the public bath while showering and rushed home naked crying “Eureka! Eureka!” Or, translated: “I’ve found it! I’ve found it!”

2. The Elevator

Maybe it is the fact that it’s only a matter of seconds and you will get off it, so your mind wants to tease you and it throws at you an idea or a deep thought?

3. Movie Theater

Can it get any weirder? You’re in there to watch a movie, why in the world would you be coming up with ways to decorate your room or playing back a conversation in your head?

4. The Toilet

Let’s not just talk about this! NEXT.

5. A One Sided Conversation

You know when it is technically the other person talking, and you’re only sitting there like a sounding board, incredible thoughts begin to cross your mind.

6. The Exam Room

You’re in there to pass a test for God’s sake, why wouldn’t you focus on the damn paper in front of you?

7. Before You Fall Asleep

Right there, when you’re about to call it a day and close your eyes, an idea pops into your head! Alahoma tawelek ya ro7!