We all wake up madroben bel gazma on a typical Ramadan working day. Our biggest wish is to just crawl beneath those sheets and stay in bed till Iftar time. It’s a fact that Ramadan schedule includes a buffer for any employee to come late or leave early to be able to get hold of that last platter of konafa Nutella in their favourite dessert store. Our problem here is when that feeling takes over and you find yourself waking up an hour late or even take an hour to get dressed because you can’t even function properly while fasting. Here is a list of legit excuses you can use to still survive and keep your boss happy or at least be okay with it!

1.The Standard Car Issue/Accident

You can always go like’ feeh 7omar dakhal feya’ in a very angry tone and then spend half an hour debating whose mistake it was. The thing is you need to be prepared if they come by to check the car. You need to have an old bump to show or go like “el khabta fel shekara el dawara ” and they won’t know where that is!

2. The Parent Doctor Lift

Your boss will be more forgiving once your parents get into it. If you mention that your mum needed a drive to her doctor because of her raging diabetes levels, it will seem like a good deed to blame you for. No one knows that your mother probably asked you for a drive to the shopping mall!

3.The Parking Issue

You woke up to find an annoying someone had double parked your car, so you couldn’t move! You just need to ask for the details to make the story credible. More of I asked everyone on the street who it was but no one knew. We know you probably would go to sleep again until the moron shows up, but we won’t tell!

4. Bank Visit

Ramadan means short working hours and hereby tough banking schedules. You need to visit the bank probably before you hit work if you want to get something done. Isn’t a stop by the bank ATM Machine considered a bank visit?

5. The Phone Clock Issue

Sometimes our phone alarms go crazy and the clock automatically changes according to the different time zones. Your alarm will basically suddenly decide to give you one more hour of sleep and it’s not your fault…Yes, we all wish!

6. Forgot Your Laptop at Home

Most of us probably have jobs which require working on laptops and if that laptop cracks, we’re basically jobless. If you forget your laptop, you definitely need to go back and bring that thing! You probably forgot your laptop but not your shawerma sandwich, right?

7. The Honest Excuse

Some people go for an honest excuse to stay credible. Things like ‘I’m sorry but yesterday was my best friend’s wedding so I slept in late ‘or ‘I just broke up and I’ve been in a very bad mood lately’. Others go like I’m a bit sick but I still decided to come to work, turning it into some kind of heroic deed!
We hope we helped you in a way or another and saved the day. However, don’t overuse these excuses or else you’ll find yourself getting all the sleep or time off you desire because you’re basically fired. Some of that Nutella konafa for your boss, and they probably will give you the whole day off!