Characters Who Left A Mark on Egyptian Fashion

Let’s get our facts straight. Egyptian pop-culture wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for fashion. Yes, we know you may be thinking something along the lines of ‘it sure doesn’t look like it’.

If you take another look at some of our favorite movies and TV shows, you’ll notice that we do have a few characters who’d left irreversible marks on Egyptian fashion. We’ve even listed them down for you.

Khalaf El-Dahshoury Khalaf from Se3edi Fl Gam3a El-Amrekeya

This one might be a bit on the nose but who can forget that banana yellow suit? The headbands? The beach-gear?

There really is no way around removing Khalaf’s iconic wardrobe from our memories and we’re not sure we’d go for it even if it was possible. The man came in to slay, according to a literal quote we paraphrased, and slay he did.

Zuzu Almazeya from Khaly Balak Min Zuzu

Though Soad Hosny was iconic and brought a stunningly strong impact to anything she wore, it’s safe to say her most fashion-iconic character was Zuzu, the titular heroine of this movie.

Through her many dresses (including the famous red dress) and dancing outfits, Zuzu remained a fixture in our mind, a person we look to when remembering the fashions of times gone by when we’re in need of inspiration.

Booby from Melody Tata7ada El-Malal

If you were a child, a preteen, or a teenager during the mid-2000’s, you’ll know this notorious superhero. Who would have thought a channel’s mini-skit show would have gotten that popular, right?

Okay, we know Booby might not be exactly impactful because of her versatile closet but the yellow jumpsuit clearly helped a lot.

Ne3matallah from 3a2elat El-7ag Metwaly

Among El-7ag Metwaly’s many wives, we can all agree that Ne3matallah is easily the most fashion forward. With a galabeya for every mood and occasion and a set of noisy accessories in tow, we can all see why.

Sherihan in every fawazeer show ever

Technically not a fictional character in entirety, we cannot deny Sherihan and her impact on Egyptian fashion.

No matter the character or the premise or the show, you can always count on Sherihan to be there with a killer outfit that will leave you thinking about it for many days and years to come.

Ma3’awry from 3afareet El-Sayala

If you’ve been walking around the streets wondering just where you’ve seen the fashions today’s wacky youth emulate, we have an answer for you.

You’ve seen this fashion-forward style of dress, especially hair-wise, in Ahmed El-Fishawy’s first ever lead role. For this particular character, we can definitely say a picture says a thousand words.

Hassan Kaboria from Kaboria

A predecessor to many fashion trends that came afterwards, Ahmed Zaki’s Kaboria never truly left our culture. In fact, barbers all over Egypt just couldn’t keep themselves from borrowing the character’s haircut and turning it into an actual haircut.

Know which world-famous character got this same treatment? Rachel Green from Friends, when her season 1 haircut became a 90’s American hit right around the same time the Kaboria hit Egypt.

Hanafy El-Obaha from Hanafy El-Obaha

Though you may not think it affected everyone that greatly, Hanafy El-Obaha’s famous denim suit became a household name after the movie first came out.

And, honestly, we get it. Adel Imam truly has a gift of making everything charming and appealing and so Egypt embraced a new trend, that’s re-emerging today.

Do you have other fashion-icons for our list?