Summer is a pretty tense season, where the sun controls all our lives, literally. But in order to survive this wacky weather, we need to avoid doing those deadly sins, otherwise, we are totally doomed.

#1: Not Having Cold Water or Ice at Restaurants

Why are you even operating during summer if you don’t have ice or even cold water? Pretty dumb if you ask me. All that people need during summer is cold water with ice, goes without saying!

#2: Not Using Deodorant

There is this newly launched product (Literally produced decades ago), that helps you ‘not smell’. I wouldn’t even go this far and ask you to smell good and put some perfume on. All we need you to do is not to smell at all!

#3: Extreme Touching (Hugging and Kissing)

Of course, if you two are comfortable with it then go ahead, but most of us aren’t at all. It is extremely hot and the weather is sticky, so we literally don’t need any stickiness or touching at all. Air hugs work great if you ask me!

#4: Arranging Morning Outings

Why the hell would we go out for breakfast in this sunny weather? Breakfast is a pretty cool meal, but so is the AC at home. Don’t even try to ask people out on morning dates or outings, otherwise accept the rejections.

#5: Wanting a Summer Body Like Usual

Every single year, all my friends start discussing how they’ll attain this summer body. But guess what? They are even fatter than how they used to be during spring. So save us this dummy talk and just embrace your summer kersh.

#6: Posting All the Sahel Pictures

We know that you are super cool and you don’t even leave the beach. But why do you need to post about it every 3 seconds? We are literally bored. Some of us try to resist the temptation of unfollowing you, but unfortunately, you guys are our friends, so we need to deal with it calmly.

#7: Posting Topless Pictures/Bikini Pictures

Obviously, we all know that you have a smoking hot body, but why post about it every 5 seconds? It is pretty annoying to open a timeline with only pictures of topless dudes and girls with bikinis during the whole season… on a second note, is it really annoying?

#8: McDonalds Not Having Ice-cream

Do you know how many families have you failed during summer with this statement? Thousands and probably millions around the world. Don’t you ever do this to us again!

Summer is a chill weather, so please help us chill in peace.