Living in Egypt and having the benefit of delivery food is something I’m grateful for every single day! Food is one of life’s simple pleasures and having it delivered to your doorstep is the most innovative invention known to mankind. But eating out, means you have to eat smart and not overspend! So here are all the take out options you can get for under 20 L.E: 

1- Pasta Red Sauce- PastaweesyMG_2305-570x570

The definitive delivery place for all the pasta goodness you need! At Pastaweesy, you can get a nice bowl of their red sauce pasta that’ll definitely fill you up for only 14.5 L.E.

2- Foul- Arabiattaijm0fkyujiztzkt9

Might seem like an obvious option but you can get 9 foul sandwiches for under 20 L.E.! This should be enough to satisfy anyone’s appetite!

3- Ura California Roll- Bob SushiCALIFORNIA

This will probably not cure your hunger pangs, but if you’re feeling like sushi and happen to be short on cash, you can get 4 pieces of the Ura California Roll for 18 L.E or a vegetable roll for 12 L.E.

4- Fried Rice With Chicken- Pekingthat-food-cray-hong-kong-kowloon-tang-13

A nice steaming bowl of rice with chicken from Peking will cost you around 13L.E. If you feel like going vegetarian, you can get their rice with vegetables for only 10L.E.

5- Bean and Cheese Burrito- Gringos1412732478729

If you’re feeling like Mexican, Gringos is really generous with their portions, especially with their Bean and Cheese Burrito at 17 L.E. So if you want value for portion size, this place is the one for you! And if you’re not really that hungry, be sure to try their Nachos which range from 15- 19 L.E.

6- Omelette Feteer- Feteera4(26)

What better way to kick off your day than with feteer? This savory dough dish with eggs, peppers and onions will only cost you 15 L.E!

7- Eggzavaganza- Jacket Potato11988723_1700774533479340_7298221023979478804_n

When you want to fulfill your appetite with a hearty meal, nothing can do that better than an Eggzavaganza Potato, a baked potato stuffed with eggs and cheese for 14 L.E.

8- Large Koshary-  Koshary El Tahrir12353256_144905429212380_553748623_n

Admit it! There’s nothing more satisfying than a large Koshary from Koshary el Tahrir, and guess what? It only costs 10 L.E!

See? Even while trying to save up, your options can be unlimited!