“Intimacy is a process whereby we feel truly seen, known by and connected to our partner,” said Jennifer Kogan.

Although sex is just one aspect of intimacy, we often tend to refer to sexual intimacy when we suggest being affectionate in a romantic relationship. . Let’s check the other types of intimacy:

1- Physical Intimacy

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It happens through data you obtain through perception, the way the individual considers, talks, looks and communicates with people around them. For the most part, on the off chance that you are attracted to somebody of the opposite sex, you share physical intimacy. You will discover the greater part of your friends by means of physical intimacy, understanding that there is something about this human being you like and you might want to get closer to them.

2- Aesthetic Intimacy

It’s like meeting a new friend and being amazed by the amount of things you two have in common. To reach this level of intimacy, you’ll have to begin to know the other person’s taste in music, movies, food etc…
You and your partner are aesthetically compatible  if your decisions in music, theater and home furniture/decor are tastes each of you can acknowledge, live with and impart together. However, they may not be precisely the same.

3- Recreational Intimacy

A large number of your companions will achieve this level. The individuals you invest time with, go to recreations with, to the movies, shopping or offer normal premiums constitute recreational intimacy. Having both basic and separate exercises is critical to achievement. Indeed, wedded couples need activities to do without anyone else or with companions that exclude the life partner. This helps each in the relationship to keep up his or her own particular one of a kind identity.
The target of recreational intimacy is to sufficiently discover enough in common with the other individual that you will appreciate your time together.

4- Intellectual Intimacy

It’s about trading thoughts about things you care about; things you’re passionate about. To strength the “Intellectual Intimacy”, you can share your favourite poems, songs, movies or books. Share your thoughts and some places you’d like to visit.

5- Spiritual Intimacy

This is when the relationship truly starts. One of the hardest stages to achieve; a lot of wedded couples never attain to spiritual intimacy. An absence of it is a key reason numerous neglect to survive. When the couple advances to this stage, there is a meaning to the relationship.  You have common ethics, qualities and morals. Your fates are presently comprehensive in both the short and the long term.

You know you have achieved this type of intimacy when you no more refer to you and your couple as individuals, you and he/she are we and that’s a HUGE thing.

6- Emotional Intimacy

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Numerous couples never make it to this phase because it is in emotional intimacy where you must acknowledge the individual for whom he/she is without reservation, defects, etc…
During this phase, you won’t be afraid anymore to show the real you without fear of repercussions.
You and your partner achieve this level of intimacy when in danger; the first one to think about is your partner. You’re not ashamed to show your weak side to him/her; it’s okay to cry in their arms. They would never judge.

7- Sexual Intimacy

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The awaited phase by many of you. How many of you have trespassed the previous phases and just jumped to this one? Everyone’s seeking a sexual relationship nothing else. It’s fine to have a fling or something but PLEASE, be honest and don’t tell him/her that it’s a serious relationship. Be straight forward!
You and your partner achieve sexual intimacy if:
1- You’re open to being exposed around one another with the lights on.
2- You know a few of your partner’s dreams, likes and abhorrence as they relate to sex.
3- You’re not scared of being assaulted, or ambushed by your partner.

8- Unconditional Intimacy

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Honestly speaking, this one is the hardest to attain; a very few couples reach this level. This is the ultimate goal every couple is seeking.
Loving someone unconditionally means that no matter what he/she does and no matter what happens, you will always love him/her without reservations and without waiting for anything in return. You do it BECAUSE you want to do it not because you’re expecting her to do the same.

You reach unconditional intimacy if you can forgive your partner in the following situations:
1- Denied you of all that you have or demolished all that you have
2- Tainted you with AIDS or some other endless, terminal or lethal disease