Let’s agree that exercising during summer is not so easy compared to other seasons, simply because the weather is too hot for any person to make any extra unnecessary move. But exercising is essential if you want to stay in shape and live the healthy lifestyle. That is why, this summer you need to find a fun way to exercise to enjoy every bit of it even if it is too hot out there.

Beach Volleyball

If you are one of those people who spend most of their summer vacations by the beach, then this is definitely super easy for you. You get to burn calories while the sun kisses your skin, and you get to enjoy every second of it. You can either play with friends or people that you just met 5 seconds ago on the beach.  But don’t forget to add some extra sunscreen to avoid getting your skin burnt.

Racquet by the Beach

This one is many people’s favourite beach time activity. Get a pair of racquets and challenge your partner/friend to reach a certain count; a challenge always adds a little bit of fun to everything. But don’t forget to pack balls as well; otherwise you’ll end up carrying the pair of racquets with no use.

Cycle the Whole Town

Instead of using the car in Sahel, choose to ride your bicycle to the supermarket, beach or even to your night outings, unless you are planning to visit another resort, then of course don’t! The whole point is to indulge you in sports without even noticing. Riding a bike gives you the necessary cardio workout for your body while feeling nothing but the amazing breeze.

Arrange an Insanity Session with your Friends

Insanity is a program by the amazing Shaun Tee who is one of the most well known fitness instructors worldwide. It is a daily program that if done in groups, can become very addictive. All you need to do is set a good time for you and your friends to meet up in one of your houses in either Sahel or Cairo. Two weeks later, you’ll notice all the difference.

Walk By the Beach

It can be your daily thing whether with your dog, a friend or by yourself. A walk by the beach is therapy to both your body and soul. You can free your mind in a matter of just one hour, and you’ll be the happiest fit person you know. Just set a fixed time daily and the habit will grow on you even after you are back in Cairo.

Go Swimming

Obviously this one doesn’t take a smart person, but yes go swimming. Set a certain number of minutes where all you need to do is just swim back and forth. The effort you exert will tremendously affect you in positive ways while you are having the maximum amount of fun with your family and friends. Those couple of laps will turn your physique around.

Cross Fit Sessions

Even if you are spending your summer in Sahel, you’ll still find a team there that does daily workouts. Cross fit is very fun because you build a community with those who join the program, and it’s also very flexible with your timings. Results are fast as well. Cross fit by the beach is fun, because you just finish this one-hour workout and jump into the sea right away.

Do Some Yoga

Yoga is one of those activities that both work on your physical and psychological health. It is not all meditation and just closing your eyes doing nothing but freeing your mind, absolutely not! Yoga can be very challenging physically and no one can deny that. It takes you days to be able to do a move, not to mention mastering it. You can practice yoga by the beach or in your home. Accept the challenge and start today!

Practicing sports during summer is one of the toughest things to do, but if you want to live the healthy life, you don’t walk around giving yourself excuses. Change your attitude, and start being committed to sports this summer. Your body will reap all the benefits.