Getting in shape before your big day is one of the things that every bride has on her wish list. It is one thing that keeps the bride feeling a little bit stressed, but we’ve got your back on this! We know that all you want on your wedding day is to be a stunning perfect looking bride and that losing weight or getting in shape in general is one way to achieve that.

Just to help you cruise through this hectic period, we’ve interviewed several brides on tips and tricks on how to lose weight without having this thought stressing you out.

1. Commit to a Program

It is way easier for you to lose weight when you are committed to a program. There are lots of programs on offer across the country, so the variety helps you choose the most convenient program for you. You can choose programs that only involve ladies, gyms where you get to have a personal trainer or even programs where you can join with your fiancé. It is very advisable to go through this journey with people who have the same goals, to push each other forward.

2. Start Early

The wedding date is a pre-set date. So definitely, you know months earlier that you’ll be having your wedding around a specific date. Start early and stop procrastinating. If you start early, you won’t have to lose a huge bunch of KGs in about a month or so. You’ll feel relaxed because you already have plenty of time on your hands.

3. Set Small Goals

Setting small goals will help you feel better about yourself and about your monthly accomplishments. When you set a huge goal, you feel demotivated, that is why you feel pressured all the time. Imagine yourself thinking of losing 1 KG this week or thinking that you need to lose 10KGs before the wedding. Of course, the first way of thinking will help you feel better about your accomplishments and will help you move forward.

4. Be Realistic When Setting Goals

Other than having to set small goals over a pretty long time interval, these goals need to be realistic. Your big goal needs to be realistic to be able to break it down into other smaller realistic goals. If you set an unrealistic goal, all you’ll be doing is feel bad about yourself, because when you compare what you achieve in reality to your expectations, you’ll always feel like what you are doing is not enough, which is not the case.

5. Start Eating Healthy

Losing weight is not about playing sports or changing your diet for a period of time. It is about changing your eating habits to become a healthy eater. To avoid midnight cravings and those sessions where you binge eat lots of food out of stress at 2 am in the morning, try looking for a healthy food plan where you don’t feel deprived of food.

6. Create a Working-out Diary

Creating one of these would help you visualize everything. It will help you visualize your progress. Put stars on the weeks where you’ve met your expectations and feel proud of it. And encourage yourself even further on weeks where you didn’t meet your goals. This will help you stay committed, while doing it in a fun motivating way. It will also make giving up harder, because you’ll realize how much time and effort you’ve invested in this by going back to previous weeks.

7. Try to Make This Journey Fun

Trying to be fit is one of the things that most people are concerned about and can make them feel bad about themselves, because people often see this as a tiring journey instead of a fun one. But you can try to make this journey a fun one where you get to meet lots of people, compare progress together or even make the food pretty tasty. Who said that healthy food is supposed to be boring? Fun salads do exist!

8. Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Try to stay positive as much as you can and keep your eye on the prize. Instead of just whining all the time about losing weight or getting fit, use your reason as a motivation. Motivate yourself to reach your goal and know that your prize will be wearing that dream dress of yours. What better prize would you want for your wedding day?

This is one of the most common concerns for brides-to-be, but at least with enough dedication, commitment and hard work, this one is a pretty easy chore on the list of chores for your wedding day! So don’t lose hope and keep yourself going because you’ll look stunning in that white dress of yours!