Who doesn’t love proverbs! They are popular, funny and still somehow manage to be full of life lessons. But what should we do when two proverbs oppose each other? If this one says left and that one says right, which way should we go?

Below are 8 Egyptian proverbs that contradict each other, and it’s up to you to pick which one to follow:


“Kol Ta25ira Fiha 5ira”
“7alawetha F 7amwetha”

And what should we do now?

“E3ml 5ir w Ermih Fl El Ba7r”
“5iren Te3ml Sharen Tel2a”

Should I do good deeds wala la2 ya e5wanah?

“El Gar Abl El Dar”

“Saba7 el 5ir Ya Gary Enta F 7alak Wana F 7aly”

So they are important… but I should only say good morning to them? Wait, what?


“Maygebha Ela Regalha”
“El Set B Mit Ragel”

This has become a mathematical issue now!

“Bab El Naggar Me5ala3”
“Edi el 3ish l 5abazoh”

Arou7 l min ya3ni?

“Esref Ma fi el Gib, Ya2tik Ma Fih El 3’ib”
“El 2ersh El Abyad Yenfa3 Fl El Youm El Eswed”

Another mathematical issue! Put your facts straight, ya2ema 7asib kawkab el shark 3aleko!


“Kolena Welad Tes3a”
“El Nas Ma2amat”

Do we still suffer from classism or not?


“5abtetin Fl El Ras Tega3”
“Yama Da2et 3ala el RasTeboul”

 Tab how come ba2a?