Egyptian TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Adapted

If the fact that about more than half of Egypt’s TV shows are adapted (or directly lifted) from other TV shows and movies is a secret, it’s easily the worst-kept secret ever.

We’ve all figured it out. And we’re still struggling to not be disappointed in the industry’s lack of creativity. Right now, what bothers us most is that we don’t even pick interesting shows to adapt!

But, before you say anything, we have to say that sometimes this rule comes with an exception. Sometimes, our adaptations hit so hard that we’re shocked to know they were ever adapted! Just look at these 8 shows here.

7alawet El-Donia

Though there are a few cultural changes, 7alawet El-Donia and Terminales are essentially one and the same. The premise from the family to the newly-found sister to the cancer, you can easily spot the adaptation from a mile away.

Maybe the one difference really is that Terminales is a testament to mid-2000’s fashion and that it is about thirteen episodes to 7alawet El-Donia’s customary 30.

Fi El-La La Land

Admittedly, we didn’t think Fi El-La La Land was an adaptation of any show, which only goes to show that the writers went out of their way to adapt it well.

But here’s a kick for you. Wrecked, Fi El-La La Land’s original source, isn’t exactly original either. It was solely created to make fun of Lost.

Ded Maghool

they even adapted the haircut!

Ghada Abdelrazek is known for her hard-hitting, sometimes-controversial choices and Ded Maghool went hard in both categories. But did you know that this show isn’t entirely original in concept?

See, it was adapted from the 1996 Eye for an Eye movie that deals with the TV show’s same subjects. Actually, if you read the premises from both show and movie, you’ll see that they’re basically the same word for word.


There’s just something about telenovelas that make them so easy to adapt into Egyptian dramas, apparently. And La Ronca de Oro (Taree2y’s source material) is one of the latest telenovelas our industry has adapted.

And honestly? We’re not bothered by that. The show was that well-adapted!

Zay El-Shams

When Zay El-Shams premiered a couple of Ramadans back, we were glued to our TVs, intrigued by the mystery of who killed Farida and all the nervous breakdowns Dina El-Sherbiny went through.

Given some of the elements of the show, it’s not that surprising to know that it’s an adaptation of an Italian show. What’s more disappointing is that some of the more interesting elements were removed from the Egyptian version.

Tamer w Shawkeya

When you find out that Dharma and Greg is a sitcom about a recently married couple made up of a serious businessman and a fun hippie, it’s easy to spot the similarities.

See, Tamer w Shawkeya, an Egyptian couple that is so odd and so well-adapted from their original counterparts, we actually had fun watching them!

Hassan El-Teneen

We’d like to mention that we’re not specifically out for Ahmed El-Fishawy, but it seems like he rather likes adaptations. Also, we’d just like to confirm that this show existed because it honestly seemed like a chaotic fever dream.

Oh and in case you wanted to know if Hassan El-Teneen adapted the iconic Fresh Prince of Bell-Air well…yeah, it really didn’t. If you haven’t, just don’t watch it.

El-3amaleya Messi

hint: the CGI-appropriate version isn’t ours.

Yes, the show about a sentient Cairene monkey who becomes a spy for Egypt isn’t really an original premise. Surprise.

And we doubt you ever thought it was, but just for confirmation, it’s adapted from Spymate. And, yeah, their monkey was more believable.

What were your big surprises?