In recent years, Egyptians (Yes, other than Rami Malek) have basically raided Hollywood. Not literally, but entertainment-wise. Egyptian-born stars and stars born to immigrants of Egyptian origins formed a new wave of popularity in Hollywood. Honestly, we couldn’t be more proud. So, let’s meet them!

Amir El Masry

You probably remember him as the spoiled guy from Mohamed Henedy’s “Ramadan Mabrook”, but Amir El Masry actually starred in Hollywood productions like Informer, Lego Marvel and The State Transporter and so many more!

Amr Waked

Ever since 2005, our very own Amr Waked has been taking Hollywood by storm. Starting from movies with George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson to his latest award-winning Hulu show “Ramy”.

Ramy Youssef

The star of the Golden-Globe winner “Ramy” speedily rose to fame this year. The series actually mirrors his own life; being born to Egyptian parents and having to struggle as an Arab-American Muslim!

Mohamed Kareem

The Egyptian actor recently announced that he’s taking part in the Nicolas Cage movie named A Score To Settle, the thing that made many predict a successful Hollywood breakthrough for him!

Mohamed Ibrahim Yousry

Son of veteran actor Ibrahim Yousry is apparently going places. Any guesses? Yes, Hollywood. The talented young actor starred in a Peter Kosminsky movie and before that, he was part of “The Nile Hilton Incident” cast. You go, Mohamed!

Samy El Sheikh

Another familiar face that is now a Hollywood actor is Samy El Sheikh. He starred in the hit show “The Big Bang Theory” and wait for it, “Transformers”!

Mena Massoud

We can’t list Egyptians in Hollywood without mentioning Mena Massoud. The “Aladdin” star has already left his mark on Hollywood for good. But we still hope he continues making great movies!

Khaled Abu El Naga

Have you heard, our own Khaled Abu El Naga starred in Netflix’s “Messiah” this year? Yeah, he’s that big now. Before that, he also starred in the top-rated series “Vikings”. Wow, just wow!

Although not all of them took major parts in Hollywood productions, they are still significant roles. Therefore, a round of applause is in order!