Mahmoud El Esseily has blessed us with some of the greatest romantic songs in the last decade. His songs spoke too deeply to us and reminded us of what love actually feels like. Even if you are not in love, you’d wish that you’d fall for someone to be able to feel every single word of what he is singing.

These songs are a living proof of how great love can be and how Esseily was able to portray that in just 5 minutes of every song.

#1: Heya

This is Esseily’s latest release. It was launched this month and ever since then, every single person I know can’t stop listening to it. Honestly, I can’t wait till someone loves me as deeply as Esseily’s character in this music video. Being ‘THE one’ to someone must feel great!

#2: Asaab Haga

This is how every single person feels once they start liking someone. They are not actually aware of whether they really like them back or not. But basically, the best moment is when you know that this person too shares the same feelings as you do. How great does this feel?

#3: Ehsasek Eh 

This song tells the story of a guy meeting his girl’s parents for the very first time to propose. When hearing this song, even for the millionth time, you’d start imagining how it would feel when the person you love/will love comes and proposes. Scary, yet exciting.

#4: El Fostan El Abyad / Farha 

Taking it to the next level is what this song all about. You’d start imagining how your wedding is like and the fact that the groom starts bragging about your existence because come on, you are as beautiful as an angel.

#5: Enta Meny

The idea of having this person who sees you as the best person alive is amazing. This person who will protect you from whatever life brings on your plate. This someone who loves you endlessly regardless of what you do. All of this makes a person want to love as hard as they can.

#6: Walad Rasam

Remember how people back then used to fall for ‘Ebn/Bent el geran’, how your neighbor’s daughter can turn your whole world around without even speaking to her for more than five minutes. This kind of pure love/affection is what the world needs more of nowadays.

#7: Tararam

We all wanted to be Tararam at one point in time, because who wouldn’t want this kind of love? Being compared to ‘Konafa’ or ‘Ba2lawa’ is too cheesy, but come on what could be better than ‘konafa/ba2lawa’?

#8: Ya Nas

Having this person who makes you feel like you are what they’ve been looking for, for years is magical. A person who claims that you’ve taught them the true meaning of love because, without you, there wouldn’t be a life. Out of words!!

We hope you find someone who loves you even more than the amount of love Esseily portrays in his songs.