Customer Public

We have all come across lots of customer service agents that literally get on our nerves, but we try to be civil about. Because unfortunately, living in Egypt has its own bundle of misery when it comes to customer service. So instead of just whining about how lame it is, we decided to make fun of all those times.

#1: ‘E2fel El Router We Eftaho Tany’

We’ve all been there and done that, but nothing actually changes at all! It is the same awful connection.

#2: ‘Lahazat Ma3aya… Gary Tahmeel El Bayanat’

WHY? It is a simple question with no apparent answer. We call wanting you to solve a problem, however, we get even more irritated after the call.

#3: ‘Abble Bie El Shaheya’

If I wanted an apple pie, I would have asked for that specifically because literally every single citizen already knows about it and doesn’t want to buy it!

#4: ‘3andena Offar Enaharda’

Wanting to sell me two pizzas with toppings that I don’t like is not part of the deal. And even if you are just informing me of this new offer, why would I need a meal for 4 if I only ordered one medium sized pizza?

#5: ‘Lazem Hadretek Tesharafina Fel Far3’

Banks’ customer service departments amaze me. Why do I need to pay you a visit, when eventually you’ll tell me to call back when I get back home.

#6: ‘Shocolate Cake el Laziza’

How can a cake be ‘laziza’? It makes sense if it is delicious but funny? Who would want to eat a funny cake?

#7: ‘Ezay el Akl Hadretek’

You know when you are in the middle of chewing and then this person comes and asks you about the quality of the service and the food, so you just nod with mouth stuffed with food. It is a no-brainer that we can’t say our negative thoughts when our mouths are full.

#8: ‘Ba3tezer 3ala el Etala’

Well, if you haven’t taken ages to fix this problem and kept me waiting this long, you wouldn’t need to apologize.


What are some of your most irritating customer service moments? Share with us in the comments!