Even if you are not a dessert kind of person, you must love pancakes in all their shapes, tastes and sizes. I fell in love with the first pancake I ate and still remember how tasty it was. It was just like heaven on a spoon, where you’re just a part of a magical world.

To help you guys have this amazing experience, we decided to list all the best pancakes across Cairo.

#1: Ovio

This wins big time! You’d find a whole list of pancakes that is super yummy. What is even more amazing is that it is super huge and you get to enjoy every bit of it.

Locations: Cairo Festival City and Maadi.

#2: La Brioche Dorée

This is my second favorite pancake so far! It is a pan of ultimate happiness. You’d get to taste real berries that are tastier than ever with ice cream and whipped cream. Did I mention the biscuits involved that add excitement to this plate?

Location: Cairo Festival City and lots of others too!

#3: Angie‘s

Their buttermilk pancakes make you wonder whether becoming fat is an issue. You remember that ‘you only live once’ and ignore all your dietary plans because of this yummy dish.

Location: The Spot in front of AUC.

#4: Qahwa

If you are into Oreo and chocolate pancakes then this is definitely your place to go. Imagine a mountain of pancakes full of Oreo, whipped cream, ice-cream, Nutella and chocolate syrup. Chocolicious!

Location: Waterway.

#5: Lucille‘s

If you are a Maadi resident then you know this restaurant by heart. Chewy pancakes are their specialty. What is better than eating maple syrup pancakes?

Location: Maadi.

#6: 30 North

Sugar rush is a common consequence of eating this baby. Pancakes with Nutella, powder sugar, strawberries, and bananas. You’ll feel like you want to avoid sugar for the whole year, yet you enjoy every bit of this!

Location: Sheikh Zayed.

#7: Casper and Gambini‘s

The picture speaks for itself, maple syrup berries and sugar. Can we get any fatter? Delicious to the extent that you’d zone out for a while.

Location: Everywhere across Cairo.

#8: Lyfe

Not your ordinary pancakes; you’ve got additional bananas, cinnamon and raw honey.

Location: Maadi.

Can you add to this list?