Each year, Ramadan introduces us to a list of fresh faces which tend to leave their remarkable imprint on the silver screen. This year, the women seem to be leading the season by storm. Ramadan has always been and always will be the golden chance for these young rising talents to boom and boost their popularity. We thought we might round up the charming actresses that stole our heart with their amazing acting skills and breathtaking presence on screen this year!

1. Sherine Helmy from “30 Youm” / Nancy Gamal from “Taqet Nour”

The all amazing Hend Abd El Alim.

2. Nadine from “Haza Al-Masaa”

 The one & only Huda Al Mufti.

3. Shahira from “La Tottfea Al Shams”

 Mark the name: Mariam AlKhosht.

4. Malika from “Wahat Al-Ghoroob”

 Great work from Rakeen Saad.

5. Toffee from “La Tottfea Al-Shams” / Alia from “Halawat Al-Donia”

 You probably already know her as Salma Abu Dief.

6. Dalal from “Kafr Delhab”

 The name is Tharaa Goubail.

7. Neama from “Wahat Al-Ghoroob”

 The exquisite Maha Nassar.

8. Ingie El Mougie from “Kalbash”

In case you didn’t know her already, it’s Miral Mahilian.

This is probably not the last time you’ll be hearing those names. With TV drama series and cinema coming back in full swing, we expect to be seeing those faces a lot. We hope they continue to take part in meaningful productions with roles like the ones they featured this year!