At each and every Egyptian wedding, there are people the bride and groom would want to avoid to have a pleasant and memorable night. These people will only be present to spoil your magical evening. The only thing you can do is just make sure you keep them tamed or in certain cases, call security and have them kicked out! Here is the list you have to get hold of before the big day!

1. The person with a high resolution camera

You wouldn’t want this person taking close-ups of your wedding dress finishing fails or your high copy Valentino shoes. If a person with more than a 10 MP camera is on your guest list, take their phones away for security reasons!

2. The stranger no one knows

This one person who’s just standing near the wedding cake and no one seems to recognize him/her and that leaves you wondering is he/she bombing the whole wedding?

3. The newly weds

They’ll probably be comparing too much, or maybe feeling a bit jealous walking around trying to steal all the attention with countless stories about their overrated honeymoon.

4. The old flame

They were supposed to be the ones marrying you, but for some reason the fairy tale ended badly. Trust us, you don’t want their awkward looks during your wedding!

5. The annoying kid running around

He’s four. He’s adorable, but he’s a devil deep inside. He’ll be pulling your dress, hitting you on the back and taking ugly photos of you and posting them on Facebook. Abort!

6. The mother of the next bride-to-be

She will be asking questions about the caterer and taking notes during the entire wedding. She will be giving everyone analytical looks that creeps the hell out of them!

7. Your wedding planner

They’ll be like your Olympics coach on games day. They’ll probably always be on their phone and giving you strict instructions. They’re also the only ones allowed to shout rudely at the bride!

8. Your weird dancing relatives

We all like to have fun with our guests and dance a bit off the limit with them, but what if your uncle suddenly decides to brag about his Macarena moves on the dance floor? Our advice is to tag along before he does a moonwalk!

Now that we’ve wrapped up the list, make sure you enjoy your wedding without really focusing on anyone except yourself and your groom. Tune in to the cool tunes your DJ is playing and forget about whoever is trying to sabotage your special moment!