We’re all invariably different, but sometimes there seems to be a general rule dictating the types of personalities within a girl squad. Whatever group of girls you belong to, it’s likely that you’re one of the gals on the list below:

1- The mamaresponsible

She’s always taking care of you guys, makes sure you have an outing planned every week, and that everyone stays in touch with everyone. When you’re out, she’ll make sure you each have a ride home, and call you to check that you’ve reached your house safely. She’s a little bossy, but at the end of the day, you know she’s got your back.

2- The one who knows everything about everyone, but might not actually know the people (a.k.a the stalker)stalky

This one’s a social media pro. She’s everywhere, has seen everything, has stalked everyone, even your friends’ friends and your family members’ friends. She likes to surf the net to fulfill her social curiosity. Then, she struggles to keep her new information a secret.

3- The shopaholicshoppy cray

She breathes clothes. She mainly travels to buy clothes, and would choose shopping over your girl squad any day of the week. It probably gets sickening for the rest of you! Then, she might even complain about having money issues.

4- Ms. Know it allGretchen

She lives inside the fantasy her books and films. If she’s nice enough, she won’t patronize the members of the group who hate reading. She knows everything, and is the one to go to with your work problems or when you need a human dictionary.

5- The one who always likes to act all cute and fragile in front of the boysNOO

For some reason, she might even pretend she’s dumb, thinking it’d make her look cute (when it really doesn’t). You’ll find her always having some sort of physical pain when she’s around men. She just wants to be the fragile sensitive one who always needs nurturing. It might be unintentional, but it still pisses you off.

6- The one who knows everyone (Ms. Popular)watchaaa

you guys have grown up together, yet she still seems to know 10 times more people than you do. She’s probably been to every camp and social event out there. If you’re walking with her, it’s likely she’ll see at least 5 people she knows. It could get intimidating, but it’s fun!

7- The drama queenuseeeee

She seems to always have drama in her life. Like, she’s got a new boyfriend this week, and next week she’s in love with someone else. She just always has something to talk about, and manages to find drama somewhere in her life. At least she keeps the conversations intriguing.

8-The one who always cancels on youheroin

This one really gets on your nerves. She’ll be really enthusiastic to make plans with you, and when the time comes to go out, she’ll find some sort of excuse to stay home. She probably just really likes her house, is an introvert or simply forgets that she’s got other plans.

Oh well, no matter how different you are and how much you can piss each other off, at the end of the day, you’ll still love each other.