By Lamiss Medhat El-Fayoumi 

The holy month is a blessing during which we aim to purify our souls and recharge our faith. It fills us with a feeling of inner peace and tranquility. Sometimes we need to reinforce those feelings not just by worshipping God but also by visiting some places that are characterized by their spirituality, tranquility and culture.

The district of “Al-Hussein” is sought by thousands of Egyptians in Ramadan. It’s an incredible area that helps us to truly experience the Ramadan vibes.

• Al-Hussein Mosque

This great mosque, built during the Fatimid Era, is getting ready and being decorated with green lights to receive worshippers from all over the world, to enjoy supplications and witness “7alaqat Al-Zikr”.

• Khan Al-Khalili

The old shops are full of of handmade masterpieces made of Arabesque, copper, silver and gold, and manufactured by skilled craftsmen.

• Al-Ahd Al-Gadid Restaurant

It is a unique restaurant which is characterized by intimacy and simplicity, with plenty of delicious oriental dishes to choose from.

• Al-Moez Street

Here we come to the most important place in Fatimid Cairo, this great street was constructed nearly 1000 years ago, and extends for a distance of 4800 meters including around 212 unique Islamic monuments from the Ottoman, Andalusian and Byzantine era. Oriental carnivals and tanoura performances take place in Al-Moez street during Ramadan.

• Beit El-Seheimy

Although it is an ancient Fatimid style house, it looks modern. It hosts a lot of lovely performances from the Egyptian heritage during Ramadan; such as Khayal Alzel and Al-aragouz.

• Wekalat Al-Ghoury

In order to complete your spiritual trip, you have to visit this huge ancient four story market which was built during the 15th century to receive merchants and display their products. Here you can enjoy watching Sufi dances which help purify one’s soul.

• Al-Fishawy Café

The famous café which used to host many writers and intellectuals, most notably Naguib Mahfouz, is a must visit during Ramadan.

• Le Riad Hotel

A fantastic five star hotel which consists of many suites, each one with a different story. If you wish to be surrounded by exhilarating spirituality, you have to stay at this marvelous hotel.


Al-Hussein district is one of those places which simply turn more beautiful in Ramadan.