Alexandria, especially in winter, is always the answer when you want a mini-getaway without having to leave for too many days. Which is why we are about to tell you about all places you need to visit the next time you go to the Mediterranean city!

Délices Patisserie

You’d probably be looking to start your day with a good breakfast. Head to El Raml Station and enjoy your morning coffee with all kinds of classic desserts and breakfast options at the one and only Délices!

Royal Jewellery Museum

Want to be mesmerized? Kick off the day by visiting the Royal Jewellery Museum in Zezinia neighborhood. The place hosts a selection of rare jewellery and ornaments that belongs to queens and princes of the Mohamed Ali family.

The Greek Club

For brunch time, The Greek Club near Qaytbai Citadel is a good idea. An authentic spot with a great sea view is just what you need. The place offers a variety of brunch options and it’s also a great place to have a seafood meal. If you’re looking for something fancy!

Catacombs Of Kom El Shoqafa

If you’re into history, you’ll love a tour at the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa. The place is an archeological site that was considered one of the world’s 7 wonders of the middle ages! It hosts many Roman, pharaonic and Alexanderian tombs you don’t want to miss.

Asmaak Shabaan

Despite being located in a side alley in Manshya, Shabaan is the most famous fish place in Alexandria. There you could have a variety of all kinds of fish without having to pay a fortune. You’ll pick your own fish and will be seated in a street table, but you’ll walk away feeling nothing but pure pleasure!

El Selsela Cafe

When it’s time for sunset, take a stroll by the Corniche and find your way to El Selsela cafe. A great little cozy place right in the heart of the sea where you could enjoy your shisha and drinks. The place is super affordable, too!

Spitfire Bar

How about ending the perfect day with a cold beer at the oldest and coolest bar in town? Spitfire, formally owned by a British man, is a place you need to know of. The moment you walk in, the red lights and the Pink Floyd playlist will take your back in time!

Nothing compares to a fresh sea breeze mixed with the smell of rain on a typical winter day in Alexandria. So, what are you waiting for?