As you grow up, you’ll constantly meet and interact with different types of people, whether at university or work, some of which you will actually consider as friends. However one thing is for certain, no matter how many friends you make during your lifetime, no friendships will be as solid as the friendships you created at school. There are reasons as to why your school friends are and always will be your lifetime friends:



  • They’ve seen you at your worst



That period in your life where you had braces and frizzy out-of-control hair, or when you used to wear pants in any imaginable color. Yeah, they witnessed it all. And miraculously, they’re still here.

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  • You grew up together



You pretty much grew up with your school friends, some of whom you’ve known for over a decade. You’ve been through a lot of experiences together and helped each other grow to become the individuals you are today.



  • They’ve been there for you through your toughest times



Remember that first heartbreak, or that first ‘E’ you got in drama class? They were there for you, handing you tissues and ready to comfort you when you needed it most. You can always rely on them till today to offer a helping hand.



  • You know each others’ families very well



Since you spent most of your childhood together, you’ve become very familiar with each others’ families, to the extent that you attend their family gatherings and go on vacation with them. Their parents now consider you more like a son/daughter rather than a friend.



  • They know all your embarrassing stories



These moments that you wouldn’t dare tell a soul about, they know them all. Starting from the embarrassing nicknames your parents call you, to the time you fell and ripped your pants. And of course, they have evidence for all of them, which they can use against you at any given moment to have a good laugh.



  • You shared the same struggles



One of the main reasons they’re your lifetime friends is because you shared the same struggles. They had that same teacher you just couldn’t tolerate, that huge amount of workload and were facing the same problems as you. They understood how hard it was for you when no one else did.



  • You shared a lot of memories together



You always seem to have that “remember that one time” stories that are accompanied by hysterical laughter which usually prevents you from finishing them. These memories have created this special bond between you and they never seem to get old.


And most importantly…



  • No matter how long you’ve been apart, it feels like they never left



Even though you may live in different countries now and only see each other on holidays or in reunions, when you meet over breakfast or coffee, it seems like you were together just yesterday.


By: Nada Damaty