Couples tend to worry and get quite edgy as the “big day” approaches, sometimes to the extent that they may even reconsider the whole idea and back off. Don’t panic; it’s perfectly normal. Here are some reasons that might drive you to say “I don’t want this anymore”:

1- El Neesh!

0afd8c64e40ad1a65e899ef8e76c4d106883c98c31f3e8d1894d5917b62fc6e2You know how families of the bride and groom-to-be are always stressing about it. Why do they fight over it? I’ve always wondered about that. What if we don’t have it.. tab han7ot el 7aga eli feeh fein! Why do they even call it “Neesh”?!!


2- The comparing


“Bent 5alti gatlaha shabka b 34567854 gneih,” This sentence sums up everything!


3- El 2ayma

image“e7na han7ot kol 7aga fl 2ayma… e7na han7ot el 3arees fe el 2ayma.”


4- Fights

BTSome couples have huge fights before their wedding! Calm down guys! Are you really fighting just as you’re about to share one apartment?

5- Messing up the dress

Raisins_FaceThis happens during the wedding! Some couples can actually get divorced because the groom spilled juice on the bride’s wedding dress! I don’t even know how could she get mad; I’d die out of shock!

6-Being too picky


Some families go like, we need the bedroom from a place, the kitchen from heaven and the salon from another heaven. “Odet el sofra mn Aspania, y3ni el sofra bs mn aspania, el karasi mn italya wel ma2abed wel okar btou3 el neesh mn el yaban.”

7- Celebration and Honeymoon

BT2“Ana 3aiza el fara7 fl Four Seasons and the honeymoon in the Maldives.” Couples disagree about where the wedding will take place, the cake, the bride’s makeup, the buffet and even the photographer. I’m not taking sides but your partner doesn’t have a wand like Harry Potter!

8- Feeling scared


Some people can’t deal with the fact that their life is about to change completely. I’m not trying to freak you out, but instead of waking up in your own bed, you’ll wake up in a different bed… in a different room… next to someone else… Don’t panic! It’s ok; I guess!!