It’s a bit early to announce this year’s winner when it comes to ads, but come on Vodafone earned the title with flying colours when it comes to telecommunication companies! According to the views, which are exceeding 5 million on YouTube in only three days, it seems that the red flag will be the one flying high this year. Here is what we loved about Vodafone’s ad this Ramadan:

1. The continuous teasing between the actors and the football players is amusing

It’s pretty cool to watch stars accepting someone stealing the spotlight from them; it speaks a great deal of these actors!

2. Shiko’s sense of humour 

Even though he only appears for a few seconds, and has barely two lines, Shiko’s comedian side never fails to make us burst with laughter.

3. We all missed Lotfy Labib & Enaam Salousa…

It’s always good to see them back.

4. The song is an earworm 

You will find yourself singing it while at work or driving; it’s just stuck in our head!

5. Dalal Abd El Aiz is just hilarious 

That evil laughter of hers!

6. All these celebrities in one ad! 

We are used to having plenty of celebrities in one ad, but 16, that’s just one big combo of actors, actresses and football players…

7. Amir Kararah’s angry look..

His reaction is hysterically funny.

8. Saad Samir wiggling his eyebrows…

If this guy decided to shift careers and go into comedy acting, he will more than make the grade!