It seems like this generation is ready to bail out of Egypt the first chance they get, but visas and plane tickets don’t exactly grow on trees. So maybe it’s time to take a step back and appreciate all the good things in Egypt by appreciating all the horrible things around the world that are not in Egypt. Because at least we don’t have Donald Trump.

1. Donald Trump, United States

Donald Trump sad day for America

What an embarrassment, seriously, and what we have called the new definition of crazy. It’s no wonder the British have petitioned to keep him out. Maybe Egypt should do the same?

2. Deadly Wildlife, Australia

box jellyfish

It seems like everything in Australia is designed to kill you. Like the deadly box jellyfish that can snaggle you in its tentacles and either kill you or at least leave you in excruciating pain. And that’s not even mentioning the spiders, snakes, crocodiles, and even birds that are out to get you.

3. Possible Cannibalism, New Guinia

There are some indigenous people in New Guinea that are believed to still practice cannibalism to protect themselves from suspected witches. We do not feel the desire to go investigate this… We’ll stay right here.

4. Century Eggs, China


Did you ever wonder what an egg preserved in clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice straw for weeks and weeks would taste like? Yeah, us neither. Because you should never eat something that smells like an infamously bad scent, like rotten eggs. But century eggs can be served as a side dish or an ingredient in a recipe. Ewwww….

5. Birthday Cake Face, Mexico

cake in the face 9222014

In Mexico, it’s tradition to get your face shoved into your birthday cake. At least you get the first bite?

6. Cinnamon Attacks, Denmark

Cinnamon attacks

In Denmark, if you turn 25 and are not married yet, it’s okay for your friends to shower you in cinnamon. And we thought Egyptian “old maids” had it bad, that sounds terrifying! Who’s idea was that?

7. Raw Blood Soup, Vietnam

raw blood soup

This is usually duck or goose blood refrigerated to become a little thicker and then served with a couple peanuts on top. No thank you.

8. Frigid Weather, Antarctica 


The highest temperature ever recorded at the South Pole was -12.3 degrees Celsius. And we were complaining about the weather here?