Self-defense Classes
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In this new landscape, things have a way of being slightly…odd, to say the least. You need to watch out for yourself now more than ever and the answer to that is quite easy. Just take one of these self-defense classes and you’re all set!

Fibers Club

Although it boasts the best instructors in the business, Fibers Club has another thing you’ll be glad about. Three branches in Ma’adi, Rehab, and the First Mall, which means you have no choice but to apply now.

The club offers a variety of martial arts, kickboxing, and boxing, among other things.

Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do Egypt

With two branches in Dokki and Nasr City, Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do Egypt is in a league of its own because it has Dr. Ali Maher, with his 30 years of experience in martial arts, for a Sifu.

Sifu during a class.

Other than the classes, the academy also offers self-defense sessions in which you’re taught how to defend yourself against various street attacks.

Wingfight Egyptian Academy

Based in Nasr City, Wingfight Egyptian Academy offers classes in kickboxing and Krav Maga and a contemporary fighting philosophy that mixes old, tried and true fighting styles into something new and daring.

a self-defense class

The Fight Zone

This Fifth Settlement-based academy has a lot of fighting arts — kickboxing, MMA, wrestling, among others. Tons of good reviews about friendly, flexible trainers and engaging programs make it even more interesting.

Fitbox Corner

Located in Kattameya Hills, Fitbox Corner‘s reviews speak for it more than anything else can. With classes in basic self-defense, kickboxing, Brazilian jujitsu, and boxing, Fitbox offers specialized classes for kids and ladies’ only classes.

Dragon’s Den Dojo

Located in Dokki, Dragon’s Den specializes in kickboxing and prepares its students physically and emotionally for all the strain and power self-defense requires, as best as a fighting academy can.

AUFC Academy

Operating steadily from its Heliopolis headquarters, AUFC Academy boasts a variety of fighting arts including kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, wrestling, and boxing.

With intensive training and dedicated coaches, the academy brings out the best in their students, some of whom actually go on to compete in tournaments because of the pure rush.

Fighters Arena

Dokki-based Fighters Arena has a share of stunning reviews that make whoever reads them more than a little interested in signing up for any of their classes. And since the arena’s fighting areas include kickboxing, MMA, and Muay Thai, among others, we’d say they have plenty of options.

With any of the skills these academies offer, you can make the streets your own.