Facebook is an incredible way to stay in touch with people, without actually having to stay in touch with them if you don’t want to. And because it’s so easy, some of us are guilty of adding everyone we meet. That’s fine, because nothing could go wrong by letting someone you just met have full access to the modern biography of your life. The real problem is when you have so many Facebook friends, you get a little overwhelmed. The most common sign is when you just don’t recognize people anymore.


You might have too many Facebook friends if…

You Wouldn’t Talk to One of Your Facebook Friends in Real Life

Penguin Meme See a facebook friend in real life say nothing


If You See a Post and Genuinely Don’t Know Who the Person is Who Posted It

Meme too many friends on Facebook

Do you even know them? Is Facebook secretly adding friends to your profile? Is this a conspiracy? Ah no, wait wait. After some creeping, now you remember that’s the guy you met through the other guy at the coffee shop sophomore year. How could you forget?


If You Make a Game Out of Guessing Who You Know from a Group Picture

Without looking at the name on the post, you try to see if you can identify who the person is that you actually know out of all the smiling faces. If you can’t recognize anyone, maybe you shouldn’t be friends with them.


If a Friend Request Has a Mutual Friend, But You Don’t Know Who the Mutual Friend is

Meme when someone I don't know sends me a friend request

Maybe it’s time to start deleting some people…


If Your Newsfeed Gives You a More Balanced Report than the News

Homer Meme Facebook

You have so many friends with different and opposing viewpoints, you could write an essay about an issue without even doing more research.


If You Can’t Find the Friend You’re Looking for with Search Because You Can’t Remember Their Last Name (or maybe their name at all)

Because Facebook isn’t like your personal Google. You can’t type “girl from chemistry class with glasses I want notes from” and expect to get any results. And if you are trying to find a particular Ahmed out of your friend list but can’t remember the rest of his name? Prepare to start scrolling through the suggestions…


If You Can’t Remember the Last Day You Didn’t Have Any Birthday Notifications

Meme did they remember my birthday or did facebook tell them

But now you have lots of useless interesting facts about who shares birthdays, like your manager from three jobs ago and your brother-in-law’s sister. They’ll never meet, but they share a birthday.


If You Want to Do a “Facebook Cleanse,” But the Task Seems Like Way Too Much

Meme Jennifer Lawrence posts about deleting friends on Facebook

Because once you get started, it could take more time than it’s worth. Maybe you could start posting really crazy things instead, and hope that people start unfriending you for you.