By: Dahlia & Dahab

Sometimes, we girls, have emotional struggles especially when it’s that time of the month. We tend to empathize and overreact with weird situations that don’t require any tears. However, it’s been scientifically proven that our hormones are to blame. Here are some normal situations girls once cried over!

“When I arrived home after a long day at school, I was starving! I found my mom cooking Sabanekh for dinner, couldn’t do anything but cry until she fried some chicken strips for me.” – Alia, 18

“I cried after the last episode of my favorite TV show “Hob lel Egar” although it was a happy ending but the fact that I don’t have anything else to do with my life right now, made my tears fall.”  Lamis, 21

“I once had a breakdown because I couldn’t find pants that match my new blouse.” – Dalia, 20

“After several weeks of nail care, I carried some heavy grocery bags and one nail got broken by accident. I cried with absolute grief as if one of my friends had died!” – Farah, 17

“When I was pregnant, my husband kept teasing me and refusing to switch the TV channel. He thought it was funny, but I thought it so rude and started weeping.” – Sandy, 25

“When I saw a handsome guy once on the street, I literally cried over the fact that he is so hot, and he saw me crying too!” – Dina 22

“I was watching a Leo Messi video when I realized that one day this legend will retire so I started crying like a baby girl.” – Dahab, 20

“It was my mid-terms week and I was so stressed out so I went to McDonald’s asking for a Chocolate Sundae, but it was unavailable. I literally burried my face in my hands in front of the cashier and starting crying my eyes out.” – Reem, 22

Our tears may seem dramatic at the moment, but hours later we’ll starting laughing about the fact that we actually cried for such silly reasons, but they always make funny stories to tell!