They claim that, us, girls are weird. To guys, we’re just these fragile indecisive creatures who go to the toilet in groups and brag about their new bags or shoes. Honestly, we do these things, and we wear them with pride just so you know, but you know what guys never admit? It’s that they’re weird too! Don’t believe us? Check out these things you guys do, that we girls don’t understand!

1. When they’re nice one day, and the next they ignore us like we’re the plague

Seriously, this is the worst thing that guys can do, and unfortunately they really do it. We don’t understand why! Is it an attempt to seem interesting? Because trust me, if you’re nice to me one day, and rude the other day, that doesn’t make you mysterious. It makes you an a**hole!

2. When they refuse to ask for help

Whoever taught guys that they shouldn’t depend on anyone or anything has a special place in hell made for them. FYI guys, no one can make it on their own. We all need help sometimes, and there is no shame in asking for it. So next time, ask for directions while driving, or share with us what is bothering you.

3. Call each other weird names (ie: Zemeely, Akhooya)

I mean really! What is up with the weird nicknames? The amount of akhooya, Zemeely and sa7by on social media is slowly killing us! Please just stop. He will still be “Akhook” if you don’t say it!

4. The before “El-Dokhla” Gesture

So picture this! Your best friend just got married and the wedding is over, and instead of congratulating them and wishing them good luck and happiness, you opt for the middle finger gesture? I mean REALLY!!!

5. Play Playstation all day EVERYDAY

So, you mock us, girls, for spending an hour in front of the mirror, yet you end up spending hours, evenings and sometimes even days playing Playstation with your homies? Tell me what does that piece of machine have on you, huh? And don’t even get me started with how aggressive you get when you lose. Chill, it’s just a game.

6. Treat their cars as if they are a part of their family 

Ok guys, shouting at us and claiming that we slammed the door hard when we didn’t is not appreciated! For the love of God, it’s just a car! Take a chill pill or two! Your car is not human, and its feeling will most definitely not get hurt if I don’t shut the door slowly as I kiss it goodbye.

7. Brag about other girls in front of us!

This is one of the biggest riddles that we will ever face. I mean are you trying to make us jealous? Or are you just completely and utterly stupid? Anyway, calling another girl beautiful, gorgeous, hot or attractive in front of us, is never a good idea!

8. Spend a whole outing talking about cars and football

Don’t get me wrong, we all have things we like to watch and do, but the clear obsession you got going on is not healthy. I mean learn to pick the right time. Your life and outings can’t revolve about just two things!

So, what do you think girls? Can you think of other things that you can’t understand about guys? Tell us in the comments below!