An “Egyptian 3aza” is supposedly a social/religious commemoration of someone’s death. Friends and family of the deceased usually come to the 3aza, in their memory. A sheikh usually recites verses from the Quran while people supposedly sit in silence and grief. But, Egyptian social habits in such events,particularly amongst women, might be categorized as ridiculous!

1. A mobile phone rings, and keeps ringing while the Quran is recited.

I don’t know but how hard is it to mute your phone for the few minutes you are staying at the mosque!!  What’s wrong with you people? At least show some respect! Deal?

2. The 3aza is the perfect place for women’s usual side talks or gossip.

For some odd reason, girls just love to chit chat and catch up during 3aza, but at the same time complain about others doing the same! What is it that’s really urgent to talk about and cannot wait?

3. Women dress for glamour! The huge diamond rings and the “mink”  coats usually stand out in winter.

Wearing expensive jewelry is a social norm for Egyptian women in 3aza! They should be going to grief  and be there for their friend ( sa7eb el motawafy); is it not just too weird to be that posh in such occasions?! Of course, this is coupled with the freshly manicured nails and spotlessly made hair (lessa kharga men el coiffeur) No, seriously, think about it.

4. Designer bags all over the place

We all recognise this type of women, usually career oriented ones. We usually spot them 1000 miles away! They’re always the fanciest dressed!

5. The type of women who check you out ‘Marry Moneeb’ style

You find her eyeing you from head to toe, checking every minute detail of your attire. Somebody’s got to tell her that she’s just too obvious……Too obvious, and yes mesh 3ady btw !!!!!!!

 6. Men checking you out!

Sure! Men who usually stand outside the mosque talking over the phone while checking out each and every girl walking in and out of the 3aza. They want to be ready in case they meet someone they already know or may get to know..whatever! Why??  I don’t know…

7. Forget the toilet!!

Sure! we all know how painful this situation could be. When it comes to toilets, mosques are generally not that welcoming. Yes, sad I know. In some mosques, toilets don’t exist aslan!

8. The religious brochures/giveaways  we take but rarely read afterwards.

Giveaways/brochures calling to pray for the deceased are distributed to us while the Quran is recited. Many of us read them in the 3aza, but rarely  use afterwards. In some cases, we don’t  even finish reading them in the 3aza. Once we’re out of the 3aza,they seem to disappear somehow!