Horoscopes are fun and usually a good ice breaker in many conversations, however, I don’t really believe much in them. I do believe that the season you were born in truly affects and shapes your personality; I don’t believe in the “traits” or “7azak el youm.”

Many people perceive and judge others based on their horoscope signs, and it could be a deal breaker for them sometimes. Now, as a Gemini, the struggle is real for me! While I’ve honestly never met an uninteresting Gemini, every other stereotype – or so the called “traits” – is far from true!

People think we’re nutty, and they like to say how much they hate us TO OUR FACES! You guys, I’m like…more than a horoscope sign! So please, for the sake of all that is holy out there, stop labelling us!

1.We’re Rude

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Rudeness has nothing to do with your sign. If we give criticism, or voice our opinion, we’re called ‘rude’. If someone from another sign said the exact same thing, they’d be described as honest or helpful!

2.We’re Two-faced


Whichever horoscope sign you belong to, you’re likely to have your good and bad moments. We cannot be in a mechanically great mood all the time! Maybe you caught us at the wrong time. We might be stressed, tired, preoccupied, PMSing, or simply just not in a good mood!

3.We’re Crazy


What is your definition of “crazy?” Last I checked, I wasn’t locked up in a mental institution! Some Geminis like to be spontaneous and have fun, but that doesn’t make them wacky! While other signs might be classified as “fun,” we’ll always be classified as “crazy”.

4.We’re always active and energetic


Here I am, a Gemini, who is a proud couch potato. Walking from my room to the kitchen is considered exercise for me. We’d always get invited to hiking events or dancing classes by people who naturally assume that as a Gemini, I’ll definitely enjoy it. I would really rather bing watch my favourite show in bed and stuff my face with food!

5.We’re emotionally challenged


While I may have not sobbed while watching The Notebook, I’m still deeply connected to my emotions and inner feelings. I could guarantee you that I feel so much hate towards you when you stereotype me. Doesn’t that count?

6.We’re always witty


I’ve literally never met a “witty” Gemini. They all seem to give out the silliest replies; we’d probably come up with a witty reply hours later.

7.We have a short attention span and are easily distracted


Well…I kinda forgot what I was writing about numerous time while I was writing this, BUT not all of us do! I have a Gemini friend who works as an accountant, WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THAT?

8.We’re attention whores/Life of the party


Here’s a true story; most of the Gemini friends I know, I’ve met at parties. We were all standing in a corner awkwardly trying not to be noticed and we easily recognised each other. Seriously, not all of us like the attention!


That being said, I’m sure there are Geminis who are a walking cliché. Not all of us are though. Remember that horoscopes and traits are all very general, and chances are you might end up with some of its given traits. Stop giving us a hard time cause we were born when the earth was rotating next to the Gemini stars!