Egyptian Weddings

Egyptian weddings are different from others around the globe, because the real intention is never not to celebrate the beautiful couple. It is basically about having all family and friends in one place, judging every single detail starting from the bride’s dress to the wedding venue’s decorations and interiors.

Looking at the bright side, you will get the chance to glamour up and look like a princess for a couple of hours. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet all your family members whom you haven’t seen in years, but is this always a fun idea?!

Since winter in Egypt is basically mosem el tazawog, we decided to fill you in on the most common comments you’ll likely hear from your beloved family members in an Egyptian wedding.

#1: Hanefrah Beeki Emta

It is very annoying when every single person you meet at the wedding keeps asking you the exact same question. I mean at least try to be creative when starting a conversation.

And why exactly are you ‘not satisfied’ with who I am now? Why aren’t you proud of who I am whether or not I’m in a relationship and about to get married/engaged?

#2: 3o2balek

It is really nice to hear this word, because they’re basically wishing that you’d meet the right person and get married. But it is only nice for the first couple of times. You could be hearing this same word for about 100 times during the night, if not more.

#3: The Last Time I Saw You ‘Konty ad Keda’

This is the official conversation starter when you are meeting any relatively old person. The last time you saw me was almost 18 years ago, which makes it scientifically impossible to be ‘ad keda‘. And frankly, it is not my problem that our family is either dysfunctional or you are not invited to any of the family dinners. So please just try and make this short awkward conversation even shorter.

#4: Mafeesh Haga keda wala keda *Wink Wink*

This is when the family ladies gang up on you and start asking questions about you having a secret lover. Well, even if I had one, I am not stupid enough to tell you smarty!

#5: Why Have you Lost/Gained Weight?

This question is really annoying! Because if you lost weight then you are too thin, and if you gained weight then you are too fat. And believe me, I have the same exact question so as soon as I find an answer, I will tell you.

#6: Do You Remember Me?

If you are super confident that I will remember you, then you wouldn’t have asked this question to begin with. So why don’t you spare us this awkward question, because you probably wouldn’t like the answer.

#7: When is the Buffet?

You can overhear people on the table next to you asking this question. It’s as if every person is just here for the food. Come on people, at least be discrete about it and lower your voice a little bit.