Every single year at every single 3ozoma, we all get to hear tons of lame jokes and questions that drive us crazy. We all hate them, yet people still ask/say them every single year.

So if you are that weird relative who keeps asking these questions, we urge you to stop the following, PLEASE.

#1: Saym/a Wala Zay Kol Sana?

This question doesn’t even make sense. Why do they keep asking it? It is not funny; it makes us all feel uncomfortable and it is definitely not funny. Then why? WHY?

#2: Msh Hanefrah Beek/i Ba2a

The simple answer to this question is no. But if they really want the complicated answer then here they go. ‘Msh hanefrah beeki ba2a fel ganna ya tante?’ We can be mean too hehehe.

#3:Mafeesh Haga Gaya fel Sekka?

This question is the equivalent of question #2 but for the married couple. On a serious note, why the heck do you care madame ensherah?

#4: Tekhent/y Kda Leeh?

Well, we do ask ourselves the same exact question but still didn’t manage to come up with an answer. Will text you right after we find one. Also, when did you become so old ya tante?

#5: Msh Fakrany?

This is a tricky one, because if we say yes, then we need to call them by their names, and if we say no then our family ties might be in trouble.

So why the embarrassment to begin with? The last time you probably saw this kid was when they were 3. And you know that a 3-year-old kid wouldn’t remember a thing, then why ask? Hah? Why?

#6: Mabtes2aleesh Leh?

Obviously, if she wanted to text or call she would have done that a long time ago, so don’t embarrass yourself.

#7: 3ayzeen Nokhrog Aktar

This one is funny because you hear it 10s of times in just a matter of an hour. And you never hear from one another for a whole year.

#8: Msh Hate3zemena 3andek Ba2a?

If she wanted to invite you over, she would have done that without you asking for it.

Keep holding on, hopefully, they’d get the hint and stop.

Do you have anything else to add to the list?