dating many people

Dating many people can be tricky because you’d get to do the same thing over and over again with lots and lots of different people. But it is so exciting because you get to have the same experience, yet a better one with different people and different personalities. Of course, you’d get to go through the hassle many times, but who cares right? Because it is one hell of an experience.

Here are 9 of the things that make dating a blessing!

#1: You Know Exactly What You Want

This is considered a huge dilemma for people who have minimal experience. Because people with limited or no experience at all tend to feel lost in this department. But you are the pro! You’ve seen lots of different personalities and you know what you like most and what makes you happy the most. Good for you!

#2: You Know Exactly What You Don’t Want

You’ve been with the overly dramatic girl and with the overly jealous boy, so now you know what you can tolerate. In fact, now you know what you exactly hate and can’t ever stand. So wasting your time with this boy who is bossing you around or this girl who is super tenka is not your thing anymore.

#3: You Read People Easily

Even though people usually put their ‘I am a great person’ face on once you are trying to get to know them, but you out of all people can know what is behind this face. You’ve trained yourself to understand a person from the simplest of things and that is why you spot a crazy girl from afar and you are able to spot a playboy when he is 2 miles away! Super Powers I tell you!

#4: You Can Deal With Different Dramatic Situations Smoothly

You’ve been in different fights and different breakups, so you’ve definitely mastered the art of fighting. You can now get out of a dramatic situation aka fight very smoothly without having to go through the hassle of extreme emotions.

#5: You Had Your Fair Share of Games

You are looking for a serious relationship because obviously, you had your fair share of games. You want to be with your life partner and not a couple of months kind of relationship.

#6: You Know How A Healthy Relationship is Like

You can’t ever mistake a toxic relationship with a healthy one that requires some work. You know the difference between both and know your worth enough that you won’t be in a toxic relationship.

#7: You Understand Yourself More

When we go through different experiences, we tend to be familiar with ourselves a little bit more. We understand how we function in different situations, what we like, what we hate and what makes us happy and sad. Through those different relationships, you’ve been closer to yourself which makes you understand it a bit more.

#8: It is Hard For You to Fall for the Wrong Person

Given that you’ve been in different relationships, it is not very easy for you to fall for a person. But when you do fall, you’ll fall for the right one. One that is worth all your efforts, energy and time.

#9: You’ve Learnt a Lot

Most importantly, you’ve learned a lot. You’ve learned from your mistakes and from the mistakes of your partners. You know when it is time to walk away and when it is time to give your partner a little bit more space.

Being in many relationships doesn’t mean that you are a failure when it comes to relationships. It just means that you didn’t really know your needs or understand yourself good enough back then, but now you do. Never let your past hold you back!