You spend one third of your life in your bedroom. Dare to make it special and sexy!

1-Make it memorable
Wallpaper can make a room unforgettable and give it a shade of style.
Picking the right mattress will make you always feel passionate about your bed and will simply make you fall in love with your bed and make you impatient to go inside it.
Add more Mirrors in your bedroom that will make you see yourself super stimulating.

2-By Making a comfortable ambience in your room you’re attracting yourself to lay in more
Removing all the office stuff can make your room neat and arranged.
Keep non bedroom activities outside your bedroom or at least hide them so as not to turn your room into a storage or a mess. An arm chair will add a luxurious touch to your bedroom plus its enormous comfort.

 bedroom decor 2

3-Good lights, Lighting today has evolved, Don’t just put single down light from the ceiling.
Lightinggives more than a pleasant ambient. Low light always tend to be sexy and softens the room.
Also Cove and cornice can provide an outstanding indirect ambient lighting.
Besides Lamps and wall brackets can provide excellent indirect ambient lighting.

bedroom decor 3

4-The sexy colors!
Many people think that black is a dull color but that is absolutely wrong.
Black is daring and dramatic color. That’s why most of the black cars look attractive.Betteradd a striking color in the room to cut the darkness and make it sexy like red; it’s an exciting wet and proactive color.
hot pink is warm and sexy will give you the effect that the room is coated with lingerie.
Orange can give you warmth and earthiness. Baby-blue, aqua, olive, and chocolate are hot colors.
Also candy-pink with charcoal grey is romantic.
As for the walls, choose the glossy paint than the matte for more attractive walls.

bedroom decor 4

5-Make it simple
Don’t go too fancy with the bed make it plain. Throw up White sheets and blankets they’re the simplest and the sexiest .

bedroom decor 5

6-Rugs are important in a room as the bedding.
Go for the silk for sexy flooring but don’t forget to choose it simple and not loud or noisy

bedroom decor 6

7-Create Serenity atmosphere in your room
Scented candles can make your room appealing which is the key for intimacy and stimulation.
Bedroom should be a soothing place so better avoid all electronics (TV’s , cell phones and computers ) you have to bear in mind that the office stuff will kill your space so better avoid them.

bedroom decor 7

8-Don’t ever forget clean is sexy!

The Cleanliness of a room can cheer you up and boost your energy and confidence level. Whenever you walk in the room consciously or unconsciously it’s the first thing you realize.
bedroom decor 8