head over heels

It doesn’t just take a really constructed plan for a lady to fall head over heels for you. To the contrary, it just takes a real man who is good enough to win her heart. So, if you are making a whole lot of effort to win this girl by following a devious playful plan, then why don’t you use this energy on actually becoming a desirable man? A man that most ladies won’t be able to say no to?

Take a moment of your time and see some of the things that ladies love, adore and desire about a man.

#1: Being a Man of His Word

Some people think that it is the sexy smile or the ability to make her laugh is what will make her fall deeply in love with a man. But the thing that women love most about men is him being a man of his word. A man that will do as promised, because breaking a promise is not even part of his vocabulary.

#2: Being Emotionally Available

Being emotionally available is actually one of the hardest things that ladies find around these days. Yet, it is one of the essential qualities. Ladies want a man who can share his feelings, who is not afraid to show love, share his concerns or even the things that do make him happy. This makes a man strong rather than weak because it displays him as a strong confident man.

#3: Sharing What is on His Mind

They say sharing is caring, and this is what most women feel like. Women find men who are able to share their opinions about the world, their problems or issues or even their days at work very attractive. It makes women feel comfortable to share as well.

#4: Being Supportive

A man that supports her even remotely close to her dad’s level of support is a keeper to all women. Women like it when guys are there, support them in their careers, help them build a life that they desire and want, and make them feel like they have their backs in both bad and good days.

#5: Being Passionate About Something in Life

A man who is attached to anything in life and is passionate about it is definitely a man who can be passionate about his significant other, which is of course what women want. It can be sports, movies, politics, or even what he does for a living, these all count!

#6: Taking Good Care of Himself

If this man doesn’t need his mum to take care of him then he has earned himself a loyal significant other. Ladies hate it when they feel responsible for taking care of their men; it makes them feel like they’re raising a baby rather than being equal in a relationship. Of course, at some point, they need to take good care of each other.

#7: Accepting her for Who She Is

Not wanting her to change to a version that he wants is essential. Ladies don’t want a man who wants them to be like his mother or like an ex-girl that he used to admire for long. They want a man to be able to love them and accept them for who they are. It is a fact that no one is perfect and that mostly both sides need to compromise to make their relationship work, but there is a huge difference between changing who you are and making compromises here and there.

#8: Being Ambitious

Lastly, being ambitious is very attractive because it makes men seem like they have a purpose in life, that they want to do something with their lives rather than do nothing but eat, sleep, go to the Qahwa with the guys and then repeat. Of course, these are essentials in any guy’s life and it is totally okay, but there should be more to his life than just that.

May the odds be ever in your favor in making her love you for who you are not for the kinds of games you play.