Love is this weird feeling that you just catch and suddenly you are standing there having this trembling heart with millions of thoughts in your head. It happens unexpectedly in the weirdest of ways. One of those most common weird ways is falling for your brother or sister’s best friend. This combination is quite disastrous yet possibly magical.

So if you are involved with your brother’s best friend, beware of the following, or else you are screwed. 

#1: Breaking the sibling rule alert

Going forward with this is definitely you breaking the siblings rule. It is like you are getting yourself into a huge dilemma that you are obviously not aware of. Break this rule and your life will be 100 times more dramatic.

#2: Hiding it will make you lose it all

Don’t act stupidly and hide it from your brother because this is definitely the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. If your brother finds out on his own, which he will sooner or later, this relationship is destined to fail and needn’t I tell you about what will happen to your brother-sister relationship. Doomed I tell you!!

#3: You’ll need to have their blessings first

Actually, what you need to do is the total opposite. You’ll have to ask for their permission and have their blessings. It would probably be the most awkward conversation, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

#4: You might be putting a friendship on the line

If anything went wrong between you two, then you might be putting one friendship on the line. Because now you automatically got your sibling to be involved in your relationship no matter what.

#5: You probably have all the tiny details of his/her life

Thanks to your sibling you can know the bits and pieces of his life without actually moving a finger. Your brother/sister probably knows every single detail whether it’s the bad breakups, the issues he has or even the likes and dislikes. You now have a weapon that could make this relationship prosper and blossom. Don’t forget to thank your brother/sister.

#6: You’ll probably know that it is serious

A person wouldn’t put the relationship between him and his best friend on the line for a fling. This is proof that this best friend is really interested in you and is very serious about you. So now you can let your trust issues have a nap.

#7: You can ask your sibling for advice

We all want to have insights from those around us on whether this combination could work or not. And even when we ask our friends, we sometimes might fear them giving us incomplete pictures or beautifying the ugly truth. But siblings are quite blunt so they would give you their honest opinion. They are the only ones that can judge if this relationship has any future or not as he/she is the one who knows you both most.

#8: No worries about the family introduction phase

One of the toughest phases of a new relationship is your SO meeting the family. But with this one, you are safe and sound as he/she probably visited your house hundreds of times, slept over or even had dinner with the whole family.

This relationship can either be the best thing that ever happened to you or the worst thing that ever happened to you and your family. Act wisely and remember that you are not the only one involved in this relationship.