There are signs that you can’t help but notice as Ramadan approaches; billboards, street decorations and overly crowded hypermarkets to name a few. And no matter how hard fasting gets every year but there is always something special about this month in terms of spirituality, gatherings and even advertisements. Ramadan is only a few days away and here’s a list of things you need to take care of before it’s too late.

#1 Enjoy Your Last Party

Do your research and look for a party you’d like to attend before saying goodbye to them for a whole month, because parties will be over the day Ramadan begins!

#2 Add a Lock to Your Car Seat Belt

There’s always something wrong about traffic in Egypt and even more so during Ramadan. People become so aggressive and start fighting for no specific reason. Try your hardest to ignore their insulting beeps and keep focusing on the road to reach your destination peacefully.

#3 Bring Out the Chef Sherbini In You!

Have you counted the number of dish parties you are going to attend? It’s time to start working on improving your cooking skills because you’re going to need them during the whole month. Don’t forget to get all your groceries ASAP to avoid long lines!

#4 Stock Up On Series

If you’re not into watching series day by day, you probably need to download the best ones to watch during and after Ramadan. Go for the most highly recommended series on social media platforms.

#5 Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

If you’re a coffee addict who is committed to drinking many cups of coffee every day, you need to start worrying because you’re going to suffer in Ramadan. Start by reducing your caffeine intake and have only one coffee at a time to avoid the inevitable splitting headaches.

#6 Find a Sheikh With a Relaxing Voice for Taraweeh Prayers

Before Ramadan, you can pray in different mosques in your area. By the end of your scouting process, you’ll definitely find a reciter who can conduct daily Taraweeh prayers in a smooth and calming voice.

#7 Fix Your Sleeping Pattern

You definitely need to fix your sleeping pattern during Ramadan. Lack of sleep will lead to mood swings and headaches which eventually result in binging on sugary and fatty foods.

#8 Discover New Desserts

Remember when red velvet was all the hype the last couple of years? Check your favorite pastries’ Facebook pages to learn more about their new inventions this Ramadan!

 Have a blessed Ramadan everyone!