By Nada Hesham Shaker

Egyptian mothers are sure to barrage you with a load of reminders and questions before they allow you to step out of the house. We can’t escape from them; it would be a useless fight. Here are some of the things our mothers always tell us when we’re going out:

1. Matet2a5arsh

Mother cheetah lecture

Definitely this phrase will hit your ears the moment your mother hears the sound of the door. Regardless how old you are; she will always tell you not to be too late coming home.

2. Rod 3ala mobilak/mobilak mash7oon/fi raseed?

Phoebe hey you're not dead phone gif

These are three obligatory commands that your mother has to check when you’re leaving home. You’re going to definitely have one of the worst moments of your life if your mother tried to call you more than two or three times. After several missed calls, you will find a volcano erupting in your face. Second, your mobile battery must be fully charged ‘cuz if you go out and your phone’s battery is dead, well, you know what will happen. Third, your phone has to be charged with credit to be able to call her at any time.

3. Elbes el jacket

Gif a christmas story jacket

You definitely have to wear a jacket or take a jacket with you before leaving whether you feel cold or not. It does not matter if it fits your outfit or not, or if you want to hold it all the time when you go out or not. It all depends whether your mother feels it’s cold.

4. Soo2 El 3arbeya bera7a

Of course, your mother will be afraid of the worst when it comes to accidents, especially if you are known to occasionaly be a careless driver. So she will definitely beg you to slow down and take care while driving.

5. Hatenzly kda?

Mom trying to piss me off meme funny

Unfortunately a girl, especially in Egypt, will definitely hear this comment from your mother before you go out. She either wants you to change a part of your outfit or to put on and jacket or a scarf until you reach the place you are going to.

6. Waslty?

This call is a checking-in call or Whatsapp message that you will receive after a while from leaving home. You have to call your mother to tell her that you reached the place you are going to safely, at which point she will ask you again when are you coming back.

7. Hato5rog Ma3a Meen?

Funny long list

Whether your mother knows the people you are hanging out with or not she will force you to tell her the list of people that you are hanging out with.

8. Kol Abl Matnzel (msh hatftar)

Your mom will always be chasing after you to make sure you eat before you go! But you know it’s just because she loves you!