Summer parties are the best kind of parties. It is an undeniable fact. The summer mood, care-free vibes, and the detoxing atmosphere are perfect for throwing a casual hangout for your buddies.

The place that tends to give us the best inspiration and GOALS in pretty much everything is, of course, Instagram. We all want to be able to throw the perfect Instagram-worthy summer party to bless our accounts and others’ feeds with some serious fairytale-like shots.

Which is exactly why we brought to you the 8 tricks that will help you achieve a truly gram-worthy summer party:


Theme helps control the chaos of planning. Because it gives it guidelines and helps give you a clear vision of what the party will look like. Decide on a dress code and a decorations theme that fit together to make the whole party aligned. Some ideas include tropical, all-white, beachwear party, or you could even go with your favourite TV show as the theme of the party.

Ice Cream Bar

It is a given and well-known fact, EVERYONE loves ice cream. And in the summer, it is basically more essential than water. So setting up an ice cream bar in your summer party will not only make your guests extremely happy, it will also make for a highly active convo station in your party, because you know people will be lining up to get a scoop of their favorite ice cream. Also if you chose to decorate the ice cream bar according to your party theme and make it as visually appealing as possible, it will make for some serious glamorous Instagram shots.


Who can say No to a lively summer game? Well, NO ONE. If you have the space for it, set up a small volleyball court, or even set it up for a small football game. Even if the space doesn’t allow it, you can always have an intimate charades tournament, Twister, or in the least play some cards. Games make it easier for the guests to relax and induce the mingling process. It also helps avoid awkward silences which are the death of any party.

Get Your Pets Involved

If you are one of the lucky ones who have animals in their lives, then you should be depending on them while planning your summer party. Because, just like they do in everything, your pets will add a whole new vibe to your party. Especially if you dress them up to fit with your overall theme, not only they will give you to-die-for Instagram shots, they will be the hit of the party.

Arts and Crafts Station

Setting an arts and crafts station in your party gives a chance at creativity to your little guests and the guests young at heart. It will help your guests relax and unwind because their little ones are having fun, and more importantly, leaving them alone. So you’ll have happy kids, happy parents, happy guests, which equals a very happy party and even happier Instagram shots.

Fire up the Grill

Nothing says a summer party more than a hot smokey grill covered with steak Kabobs, burgers, and grilled chicken. So basically, every summer party is a barbecue party. A cool trick for the grill buff is to scent your charcoal with herbs and spices. This will add a deliciously smoky spin on your traditional marinade. Also, it saves you the trouble and hassle of planning a menu. Because, no one says no to Barbecue, so you’re set.

A Fire Pit

If you have the place and want to keep your party going after the sun is down, and you will, then treat your guests to a taste of that cottage life and set a fire pit for a late night cozy hangout. If you want to go for the whole mood -and you should-, then opt out for some marshmallows and s’mores, and plan some round-the-fire games, like Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, or just some low key conversations by the fire pit. This way, your party will stay until the wee hours of the night, and will be like you had two summer parties in one. Also, the fire is great, GREAT for pictures.

Music, Music, Music

It is not a party without music. And it’s not a summer party without killing music. A good playlist is a make-it-or-kill-it factor in any summer party. If you know your guests well enough, make a mix of everyone’s favorite summer jams to get the party started. If not, you can choose a style of music that compliments your party theme but still makes the party pop! It also won’t hurt if you opt for a small dance floor and throw on some tunes that will get everyone off their feet.