We see all sorts of people on Facebook to the point that we don’t know which way to turn. And now that the types have become so evident, the fun part is being able to easily generate categories out of them:

1.The Soap Operatic:

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.31.13 AM

We all know this over-sharer, “I’m in a great relationship” type, the one who gives us these public self-presentations performed on Facebook. They constantly post mushy statuses declaring their love to their partners without giving the slightest fig, that we -the poor audience-  don’t care to see their mawkish declarations or their cutesy photos crowding our newsfeed.


 2.The Politician:


Politics make us get to know the philosophizer side of the Egyptian. We’ve got ourselves 90 million political analysts, but the one who beats them all, is the one on Facebook. They constantly share political articles and post statuses from seven to never-ending times a day. You will be updated with all the political events even before they happen thanks to this friend. They usually get un-friended at least once a week.


3. The Religious

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.55.27 AM

Oh really? That’s awesome; I can do it with my eyes shut and earn a castle in heaven. I just can’t help but wonder where did you get such an offer?


4.The Hollywood Star


Bed hair, bedroom eyes or still wearing their pajamas, all of this simply won’t stop the selfie-absorbed from posting their morning selfie and blowing their own horn. This phenomenon is turning into a kind of addiction. We know everything about them, from their breakfast of choice, to the style of their nightstand lamp. They are INSUFFERABLE.


5. The Traveler


No other type can hold a candle to this type. The increasing role of social media in the way people connect and engage has taken traveling into a whole new level. Today we can live a traveler’s adventure moment by moment while we watch and envy.


6.The Sport Blogger


You will miss nothing when it comes to sports events, so a big ‘thank you’ for this type for providing us with a play-by-play round the clock. They also are selfless enough to never keep their personal predictions and their viewpoints from us. How noble and considerate this type is!


7. Forever Alone:


Thought this type gets lost in the shuffle, but it doesn’t mean it will stop them from turning Facebook into their personal diary. Come hell or high water; they will still post their ‘Good morning let’s have a fresh start’ quote.


8. The Gamer:

I personally hate this one; I don’t care to wake up at 3 am because one of them is inviting me to play Pirate Kings or 8 Balls Pool. You want to have fun? Not my party, not my monkeys.