Parents have a favorite child (sorry geit 3al gar7) so why wouldn’t your boss favorite someone over you? Maybe you suck. Maybe your boss sucks. Well, here are some of the reasons why your manager could dislike you.

 1.The suck up

image3 (1)


Lazem awl wa7ed yd7k 3la ay 7aga el manager bey2olha aw awl wa7ed ywafe2 3la klamo w afkaro w 3la tool suck up kda and sadly some managers enjoy it, yet any good manager will easily pick up on that behavior.

2.The one who never takes ownership of his mistakes

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Msh ana 3la fekra! Ana ba3et el email l Tahany w msh 3’ltety en Tahany mardtesh

3.The one who talks about his colleagues behind their backs

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It usually starts with “a2olk 3la 7aga bas BEGAD msh asdy 7aga, awl lma tl3na mn el meeting room Pakinam was like who the fuck does he think he is begad e7na msh sh3’len 3ndo!

4.The one who’s always late for work

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“Sorry el 3agla kanet nayma”, “Sorry s7et l2eet el maya ma2to3a”, “Sorry my cat is really sick and I had to convince my neighbors to keep her for the day”, “sorry I got stuck on Mehwar/da2ery.”

5.The one who’s always negative & argumentative

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They always have an opinion about everything being discussed, they are never convinced with anything being said and they are the reason meetings last for hours “la bas with all due respect this is too much m3lesh cut us some slack b2a”

6.El mowzf el 3am

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They know their job and they probably can do it just OK, however they never come up with initiatives, they never go the extra mile, they come at 9 and leave exactly at 5.

7.The one who’s always dependent

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“Momkn tbos 3al email da 2bl ma ab3to?” They rely on their bosses in everything, your boss didn’t hire you to do your job!

8.The non-ambitious

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“el 7amdolellah Ana mbsot kda” they are OK with staying in their same roles forever, they don’t want to take any risks, they don’t have any short or long career term goals.

It’s not that Egyptian bosses are helping much, are they? Oh, I can’t wait to write an article about horrible Egyptian bosses. And I will.