By: Kenzie Ali

Mainstream media can cause you to overlook many shows, including really good ones. However, hope isn’t lost. Thankfully, there are people with different tastes who don’t stick to the mainstream and end up opening people’s eyes to those underrated shows that pass unnoticed by most. Here are some that made the list!

1- Sense8

Seasons: One (Season two in 2017)

Why: Eight people from all around the world who are connected through their senses must come together in order to survive being hunted. Explores what it means to be human with so much diversity and openness!

2- Outlander

Seasons: Two (Season three TBA)

Why: Time travel, strong female characters who challenge gender roles, more time travel, historically accurate, Scotsman in kilts and proofs that nothing is set in stone, it’s all in your hands. Your destiny is yours to control.

3- The Night Of (miniseries)

Seasons: One

Why: Intense and grabbing, it will hold you on the edge of your seat. Crime thriller that will drive you mad with anticipation. Nothing is what it seems. So don’t blink.

4- Mr. Robot

Seasons: Two (Season three TBA)

Why: Elliot is a badass. Through his hacking skills, he’s able to understand people and uses them against themselves in taking down people he thinks are bad. We hear his inner monologues which are interesting. He’s got quite a few goals, but the main one is protecting people from corporations.

5- Luther

Seasons: Four

Why: Criminal investigations by a sociopath detective with unpredictable twists and English accents. Also, Idris Elba. The dialogue is on point, too. Dark humor and stunning cinematography. Watch it.

6- Peaky Blinders

Seasons: Three (Season four TBA)

Why: History, gangsters, family feuds and great actors. Based on a real family in Birmingham in the 1920s, and most of the show is actually true. And also representation of women after the First World War.

7- Raising Hope

Seasons: Four

Why: Probably the most lighthearted suggestion on this list, that’s what happens when babies are involved. This show explores the need of family and taking responsibility.

Have your pick; all these shows are incredible and deserve all the recognition they can get!