Remember the days you spent gazing into Patrick Swayze’s poster, or the night you cried over the innocent Neil Keating’s death? The 80’s moved us so many times, and gradually became our favorites.

They Highlight Surprises

From John Cusack and his boombox in ‘Say Anything to Jake’ showing up outside the church in ‘Sixteen Candles’, 80’s movies are known to startle us and easily warm our hearts.

It Was A Simpler Time

Today, Baby could’ve just texted Johnny “Hey wanna hook up”. He would’ve said “Go back to ur playpen baby lol!”

Expanded Our Imagination

Bringing the nerd out!

Showed Us The Meaning Of Friendship

Many of the 80’s movies focus on the importance of friendship. Just look at the “I will always be in here” with E.T and Elliot.

 Gave Us Faith in Teenage Boys

Teenage boys then, were sweet, compassionate and determined. We see this in ‘Sixteen Candles’, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, and ‘The Breakfast Club’. The bar is set sky high for teenage boys today!

80’s movies focused on playing with our emotions, stayed on the right track and elevated our standards extravagantly when it comes to relationships and life in general.