Is it just me or suddenly all our outings have to revolve around food? Sitting in a cafe? Order something to eat, even though you just had lunch at home. Staying home? Pop some popcorn while watching a movie even though you were just done with your dessert. Somehow boredom is directly correlated to false hunger. Keep yourself busy, or go out to places where there’s something else to be done other than eating!

1. Play Paintball

This you can find at Adrenaline Park in 6th of October. You basically divide your group into two or play against another team and shoot paintballs at each other. The one who remains obviously wins!

2. Have a Laser Tag Fight

Laser fight is basically paintball but without paint nor pain. You can also find it at Adrenaline Park.

3. Play Bubble Soccer

I’m sure you might have seen this on your college campus. You stand inside a huge plastic bubble and play soccer, sometimes you don’t even need to play soccer. You can just go one on one, attack each other and the one who falls first loses. It’s so much fun and habal.

4. Or Soap Soccer

Oh, all the fun we have. Playing soccer on soap, full on soccer with a little bit of slipping here and there. Okay no, not little, A LOT!

5. Go Sandboarding

Well, that’s outside of Cairo’s borders, but still fun and no food involved.

6. Escape Room

Well, this requires thinking. You will be trapped in a locked room with a group of 2 to 6 people and in order for you to unlock the room and win, you should solve puns/puzzles as you go in 60 minutes. Not recommended if you’re claustrophobic.

7. Air Zone

For those who can’t sit/stand still, this is the place to be. It’s a trampoline park! You just keep jumping. Just. Keep. Jumping!

8. Or Gravity Code

Bored of gravity? Then start jumping higher at Gravity Code, with lots of other activities to do WHILE jumping.

9. Go to a dancing class with your friends (my favorite)

Last but not least, there’s dancing. Attend a class of Zumba, Salsa, Bachata, Hip-Hop, or belly dancing. It’s not like any other activity; it truly helps boost your mood and cool you down.

Now that you have 9 things to do other than eating and snacking, which one will you do first?