We all have a love/hate relationship with our friends. The love wins everytime of course, but you know what I mean. I asked a friend once to describe our friendship and he told me that “fi nas fe 7ayatek, hatelbesehom” meaning that your best friends in the whole world are going to be people you never thought would become your best friends. You can’t live with ’em, but can’t live without ’em. You drive each other nuts and push each other’s limits. Maybe you didn’t pick them, but you also wouldn’t trade them for the world! Each one of them has a trait about him/her that we appreciate a little less than all the other wonderful peculiarities that make us love them so much. Here are 9 annoying habits our friends do that annoy the sh*t out of us:

1- Being late 


We’re Egyptians, so we’re all late everywhere! Yet, we all have this one friend who takes forever to get ready. A mere 10 minutes to him/her can easily drag to a whole hour. If you pick them up from work/school/home, they will leave you waiting for what feels like forever. My suggestion is to bring a good book!

2- Never sharing their food 

A snippet of a conversation between you and your best friend in the future
A snippet of a conversation between you and your best friend in the future

These type of friends have the most amazing food protecting reflexes. In their dictionary, horrendous means asking them for a single French fry. In their defense, they did begrudgingly pre-warn us that they won’t be sharing any food. My suggestion is to tread lightly and with extreme caution when daring to ask for a bite. You got to build up for it first!

3- Saying “no” to Everything 

saying no

Dear friend who calls veto on every idea suggested,

When we’re deciding where to go tonight, don’t just object to every place proposed without having a better option in mind. If you disapprove, then you’re responsible for picking a better alternative.

Sincerely, just pick a place and get it over with!

4- Never having money
no money

“I have no money”, the line we all like to say but never hear in return. Don’t you just love it when your friends tell you they have no money when you’re already halfway to where you’re supposed to be going? You immediately understand that you’re paying for two tonight but ordering for one.

5- Borrowing stuff and never returning them

borrowing stuff

Lending things to certain friends is the equivalent of throwing it in a whirlpool; you never get to see them again. Where is the shirt I lent you a year and a half ago that you swore to return? Also, I’m pretty sure that you have some stuff of mine that I have long forgotten about.

6- Cancelling plans last minute 


We all have that one friend who is ridiculously sociable to an aggravating extent. They tend to make plans with 10 different people on the same day, but probably end up sleeping in and forgetting they ever talked to anyone.

7- Talking nerdy to us

nerdIn every squad, there is always one friend who never shuts up about science or physics. They can hold a four hour conversation about the laws of gravity, and two hours mid the conversation, that’s when you start wishing apples never existed. But to be fair and square, you can now join in a conversation about string theory or evolution and come out feeling pretty proud of yourself. Now, go thank them for teaching you so much.

8- Exaggeratingexaggeration

I’m guilty of exaggerating sometimes, but some people should consider going pro with it. To our friends who exaggerate even the dullest of stories, you guys would make millions writing fantasy because of your beautiful vivid imaginations. And the thing is, we love them for thinking that we believe every single word. Please when you do make millions, remember that we heard all of your lengthy stories and never complained, so don’t forget about us.

9- Sharing old photos and embarrassing memories with the rest of the world 

Ill kill you

Unlucky for us, there is always a person in the group who has a stash of old embarrassing photos/videos and for some reason always likes to show it to new people. And while they do, you sit there thinking of all the ways you will physically hurt them. They also seize every chance of recalling a memory you try so hard to forget but, because of them, you never get to live it down. My suggestion is to remain on their good side at all times because they can destroy you.

Despite being annoying at times, they are still your best buddies. And the fact that they are annoying, it just means one thing: You are just as annoying, because it takes one to know one. To my friends, you guys complement my weirdness with your weirdness and I love you for it! I wouldn’t trade you for a million dollars. Haha, just kidding. See ya losers!