Every year, we can agree that there are some things that happen during Ramadan that stick with us the whole year. This year, so many things annoyed us and we COULDN’T GET IT OUT OF OUR HEADS!

1. Etisalat Ad

We appreciate Samira Said’s voice as much as the next person, Ok? But seriously, what is that sound she’s making? And don’t get us started on Mohamed Ramadan, why are you so cocky? He’s definitely one of the most annoying things about this year’s Ramadan, but more on that later.

2. Etoile’s Watermelon and Pomegranate Konafa

Now this is something that annoyed the hell out of us. We’re all open to new ideas and new konafa variations, but this is just plain wrong.

3.The Cotonil Ad

“Allah Allah, 3al Fanila… Men ala2y w khofy 3aleik ya gamil, men fadlak elbes Cotonil”. And that’s all we have to say about that.

4. Sergio Ramos


Salah’s injury was a major bummer that struck all of us, making Ramos – possibly – THE MOST annoying thing of Ramadan 2018.

5. Thanaweya Amma + Finals

We couldn’t remember when the last time kids were so iffy about their final exams until we realized that last time they were in Ramadan was too long ago.

6. Mohamed Ramadan

This year his plain existence is just pissing us off. Other than the fact that he is absolutely EVERYWHERE, his conceitedness is physically blowing our minds.

7. The National Team’s Bus

Pink and purple for the NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM, quite ugly!

8. Omar Hassan Youssef in Bel Hagm EL 3a2ely and Haitham Ahmed Zaki in Kalabsh 

With all due respect to both amazing actors, but their sons can’t act at. all. Considering Ahmed Zaki’s greatness, we’d expect his son to try to walk in his shoes, but this year it doesn’t even seem like he’s trying. Similarly, Amr Hassan Youssef has no idea what acting is to begin with.

9. Baby Hair and Cute Lips 

What is that seriously? Why do we keep finding out about new word trends that describe our Oriental desserts. Malha el Kunafa w el 2atayef ya3ni? 


This Ramadan has surely been something. With the many vexing incidents, it’s still been a fast memorable one that we didn’t want to end.