Growing up with three brothers means I know everything about Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Captain Magued… you can all imagine how long the list can get. But nothing can beat the love affair going on between boys and guns.

Below are the 9 toy guns every Egyptian 90’s kid had played with:

1. The 8 Shot

The coolest though the noisiest gun ever!

2. The Space Gun

toy guns

The most useless gun ever! No idea what the fuss was all about, but I remember seeing it everywhere in the stores and on the street. When you press the button, it would say ‘Fire fire fire’. Yeah, I know I am firing!

3. The Water Guns

No matter how much mom shouted, no one would get that these guns were made for the beach, not the living room!

 4. The Nintendo Gun

To shoot birds and help this dog eat…


5. The Gun Lighter

Yep, even the kitchen’s gun lighter ma3adash mn ta7t 2idhom!

 6. The Computer Gun

90’s kids went nuts when the shooting games became available on computers. Remember this game?


7. The Glue Gun

Told you, anything similar to a gun! Even the gun’s wire didn’t get in their way while playing!

 8. The BB Gun

I remember all hell breaking loose when this one was out; shops were flooded with eager kids wanting to buy it. Boys would gather up in the garage, on the roof or any given space to play the “good guys” VS. “bad guys” game. No matter how painful the game became, they never stopped!

9. The Laser Gun

When this one was out, the real revolution occurred! There was even a place called ‘Laser Storm’ in many malls, where you could go and challenge your friends with laser guns.

Got any to add to the list?