younger sister
When you’re the older sister, you face a zillion daily struggles with the rest of your siblings, particularly with your younger sister. Getting both your clothes and money constantly “borrowed” without your consent, disagreeing and having bloody fights over the stupidest things in the world, putting up with their lack of responsibility are problems most older sisters have to deal with. But despite all the madness, there are actually several benefits of having a younger sister:

1- Personal Stylist 

As you grew older together, you have always been her fashion ideal. This is why lucky enough, later when you’re going off track with your own styles, your younger sister will be there to “nicely” direct you back to the current era of fashion. Thus, you guarantee a ticket back to the present with a perfect contemporary look.Younger Sister

2- Secret Keeper

She’s your go to person when you want to discuss personal matters without being judged. When you’re sitting there having no idea who to go to with your secret, she’s always there to listen. Of course, there are times when you literally need to FORCE her to actually do that, but at least she eventually both listens and keeps your secret.Younger Sister

3- Food Partner

Your sister is the only person who’s always up for a late night snack. Not only is she willing to eat anytime, but she will probably eat your food too. The good news is, both of you have your goodies stored away from the rest of the family so only you two can it share together.

Younger Sister

4- Unforgettable Adventures 

Since you’re probably the responsible one, your younger sister will always be the opposite side of the coin. As you prefer to go safe, she prefers to go wild. And you gotta admit, allowing her to take you on the crazy adventures she always comes up with are ALWAYS worth getting you locked up in the house for the rest of the month.trouble

5- Trends Updates

As time passes, you start losing interest in keeping up with everything that’s going on around you. And that’s where your younger sister interferes to keep you on track and save you from talking about things that ended 10 years ago.21st

6- Smart Getaways

Well, since she’s always coming up with new adventures, she always has a way out. This means that when you’re in trouble and you have no idea what to do, she’ll rush to your rescue. This of course comes after she express her disappointment that you lack her incredible criminal mind.Younger Sister

7- Good Laughs 

Since you’re never forced to fake it with your sister because you’ve already seen the worst of each other, you will always have a different type of inside jokes that you can’t share with anyone else. These kind of jokes come naturally; they’re the ones that make you laugh harder than ever, especially if you’re laughing about how stupid you two can be.Younger Sister

8- Tough Love

Just when think that you too can start acting stupid and careless, the responsible side of your younger sister shows up. She will be the first one to make an intervention to save you from hitting rock bottom. She NEVER lacks honesty, and sometimes rudely expresses her opinion regarding where you’re going wrong with your life.Younger Sister

9- A Solid Backbone

She’s there to give you a hug when you’re crying alone in the dark. She backs you up when someone is being rude and you’re out of comebacks. She’s always by your side even at the times when she pretends she isn’t. backbone

Despite all your silly fights and problems, and even though you get blacked mailed for the rest of your life in exchange for these benefits, it’s definitely a huge blessing to have a younger sister.