While in school, we’ve all witnessed the battle of ‘Kotob El Wezara’ vs. ‘El Kotob El 5aregeyah’! It was and still is a war between the books issued by the ministry, and the external books issued by many other educational sources. Well, we all know who is still the winner of every battle…

Time for some nostalgia, below are 9 educational books we all used while in school:

1. Sela7 El Telmiz

Our blockbuster, no book can shake the throne of this one!

2. El Adwa2

The second best in the business…. wait, is that the rainbow flag?

3. El Awal

Our parents bought us this one wishing its name would cast a spell on us!

4. El Mo3alm

The upgraded version of Sela7 El Telmiz, buying it means you’re now in the Preparatory level, kiddo.

5. El Mo3asser

This one is famous for its incredibly difficult questions!!

6. La Couronne

For all the French school students out there, remember this one?

7. Tawako3at El Mar2eyah

What a creepy name!

8. El Emte7an

Yokram el mar2 aw yohan!!

9. El Wessam

It was a bit of the underdog in the race.


Got more to add to the list?