Egyptian movies

We all know how it goes; we finally take the long-awaited Easter vacation and camp in front of our TV screens in order to watch the fun Egyptian movies we love.

So in case you feel like watching a movie that has a bit of Sham El-Nessim and vacation vibes, we have a list for you:

1# 3asal Eswed

Egyptian movies

This one screams “Sham El-Nessim”. It’s an amazing family movie for a chill day at home while eating Renga and Feseekh!

2# Sameer w Shaheer w Baheer

Egyptian movies

This movie is so funny it hurts! And honestly, who wouldn’t want to crack up laughing while watching the adventures of Sameer w Shaheer w Baheer for the millionth time?

3# Taymour w Shafika

Egyptian movies

Easter surely doesn’t mean no romance; right? Taymour w Shafika is such a great Rom-Com to watch when you wanna laugh, cry and feel the action all at once, especially after you’ve had all the Easter fun outside!

4# 3awdet El Nadla

Egyptian movies

A little 3abla Kamel won’t hurt anybody! 3awdet El Nadla is easily one of the best and funniest 2000s movies. And it has a lot of Sham El-Nessim vibes!

Bonus: You’ll be jamming to West El-Balad too!

5# 3’esh el Zawgeya

Egyptian Movies

Basically, this whole movie was shot in a farmhouse, and it’ll definitely give you all the family vacation vibes you need!

Bonus: Funny family feuds and pranks are the best and this movie is an example!

6# Mido Mashakel

Egyptian movies

Funny (Check)
Vacation and beach vibes (Check)
Music and laughter (Check check check)
Mido Mashakel has all of those, and you just can’t keep from cracking up whenever it’s on!

7# 3arees Men Geha Amneya

Egyptian movies

Another light and funny Egyptian film! – If not actually one of the best – 3arees Men Geha Amneya is such a great movie, and it has a lot of vacation vibes!

8#Amira Hobi Ana

Egyptian movies

Because old is indeed, gold; we couldn’t miss out on including a vintage Arabic movie on the list; especially this one!

Seeing Soad Hosni and Hussein Fahmi on the screen is enough for all the good vibes in the world, but the bonus is that other than singing the best spring songs and dancing; they actually celebrate Sham El-Nessim in the movie! (And you’re definitely going to jam to El-Donia Rabee3!)

Happy Sham El-Nessim, everyone! We hope you laugh and have fun while watching those movies!